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Further Section Quiz of the Month Answers (1) Arterial pH 7.15 and PaC02 21 mm Hg are char acteristic of a metabolic acidosis. His serum anion gap (AG) is 30mmol/l (135 -101 mmol/l), a normal AG being 16 ± 4 mmol/l. A high-AG metabolic acidosis must be caused by accumulation of organic acid anions such as lactate or ketone bodies or ingestion of an organic acid like salicylate, cyanide, methanol (metabo lized to formaldehyde and formic acid), paraldehyde, or ethylene glycol. In view of the presence of ketones in the urine and lactate in the blood, the most likely cause of the high-AG metabolic acidosis is a combined ‘alcoholic’ ketoacidosis and lactic acidosis. Assuming his acid-base status had been normal prior to the present illness [HCO3] 25 mmol/l and AG 16 mmol/l), the AtHCO^] is 18 mmol/l and the AAG 14 mmol/l. The 4-mmol/l discrepancy between the A[HCC > 3] and the AAG is likely due to the presence of another acid-base disturbance – either a normal-AG metabolic acidosis or a primary respiratory alkalosis. The diarrhea that accompanied the present illness would seem the most likely cause of a normal-AG metabolic acidosis, since he had not been drinking Continue reading >>

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  1. Farfalla

    I counted my calories and other nutrition values yesterday. It was not something I had planned, so all quantities were rough estimates because I had not weighed anything. It turned out that I consumed roughly 55 g of carbs (complete results here). I was surprised because I had expected a higher number, like 80-100 g, since I eat a lot of veggies, about 3 pounds a day.
    Mark says:

    The Primal Blueprint recommends “generally” about 100-150 grams of carbohydrates a day, but many who follow it or the related paleo principles choose diets that fall in the realm of 50-80 grams a day, a practice (along with IF) that spurs the body to turn on ketosis as needed.
    Could I be in ketosis without really knowing it? I am just a bit more thirsty but I haven't observed the other symptoms like loss of appetite, metallic taste, stinky urine etc. Do all people suffer from them when in ketosis, or is everyone different?
    I should say that I am not very interested in being in ketosis because of the unpleasant symptoms (after being very sick some time ago, I get rather nervous when I start feeling unwell). Unless I can be in ketosis and feel fine at the same time, like now.

  2. pattyd

    Get sticks and test your urine. You can pick them up at most grocery store. Mine are in the back by the pharmacy and diabetic stuff.

  3. 0311

    I intentionally sought out ketosis earlier this year. Restricted my diet to 500 calories p/day.
    The most significant effect was that I was very much ready for bed about 8pm. I would all but pass out most days if I hung on till 9:30.
    Just so you know...it worked. I lost 30 lbs in 30 days. During this time I eliminated strength training and just walked for five days p/week because there wasn't enough going in to build muscle anyway.
    Right now I'm eating normal and pursing muscle growth again. I've not looked at the scale since the last day of the Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) but I've had to crank down another knotch on the belt and I seem to look better in the mirror, so I'm not worried about it.
    I'll be doing another 20 day sprint starting the day after Easter Sunday. It'll have been about 8 weeks between rounds.
    On the first round I was taking 150 iu's of pharmaceutical-grade HCG as laid out in Dr. Simmeon's book "Pounds and Inches" but I think that Simmeon's was wrong about the effects of the HCG. I think it had no impact at all. Instead, I think it's the prescribed diet which made the difference...which, in hindsight, is actually a variation of eating Primal. This is what I think was the true cause for my weight loss success. Only other thing I was taking at the time was vitamin B injections.
    This next round I'll not be using the HCG...but will just adhere to the diet. I'll keep the Vitamin B shots though.

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