• is diabetes a metabolic disorder

    RG Journal Impact: 2.90 * *This value is calculated using ResearchGate data and is based on average citation counts from work published in this journal. The data used in the calculation may not be exhaustive. RG Journal impact history 2017 RG Journal impact Available summer 2018 2015 / 2016 RG Journal impact 2.90 2014 RG Journal impact 2.73 2013 RG Journal impact 0.82 RG Journal impact over time Additional details Cited half-life data not availab ...

    diabetes Jan 2, 2020
  • How does diabetes lead to glaucoma?

    Glaucoma is a disease of the eye in which fluid pressure within the eye rises; if left untreated, the patient may lose vision and even become blind. Glaucoma is relatively common, especially in older adults and can cause damage to the optic nerve if left untreated. In this article, we will cover the causes, symptoms, and treatment of glaucoma. We will also explain the different types and possible surgical procedures. Glaucoma has been called the ...

    diabetes Jan 4, 2018
  • What vegetables help lower blood sugar?

    Blood sugar and blood pressure are both tightly regulated to stay within an optimal range in the body. Chronically low blood pressure or blood sugar can have adverse effects such as fatigue, while chronically high blood pressure and sugar can lead to heart disease and diabetes, respectively. Both blood pressure and blood sugar levels respond to dietary factors. According to Harvard University, maintaining a diet rich in vegetables and low in proc ...

    diabetes Dec 21, 2020
  • Can diabetic test strips go bad?

    One of the biggest debates concerning diabetic test strips has always centered on the use of test strips beyond the expiration date. The reason for such a big swing on both sides is the fact that an expired box of test strips may read very close to a test strip that hasn’t expired (within 5 points on either side). This then leads the patient to believe that all expired test strips are fine to use as long as the strips aren’t ‘too old’. Af ...

    diabetes Mar 21, 2020
  • is type 2 diabetes reversible nhs

    Introduction Diabetes is a lifelong condition that causes a person's blood sugar level to become too high. The hormone insulin – produced by the pancreas – is responsible for controlling the amount of glucose in the blood There are two main types of diabetes: type 1 – where the pancreas doesn't produce any insulin type 2 – where the pancreas doesn't produce enough insulin or the body's cells don't react to insulin These pages are about ty ...

    diabetes Nov 27, 2019
  • is grand nut good for diabetes

    Individuals with diabetes need foods that can help manage blood sugar and weight. Peanuts and peanut butter can be a powerful ally to reaching success. Peanuts and peanut butter have a low glycemic index, which mean they don’t cause blood sugar to rise sharply. For great ideas for including peanuts and peanut butter in meals, visit our recipe pages. Successfully Managing Diabetes More than 25 million people in the U.S. have diabetes (NIDDK, 201 ...

    diabetes Dec 21, 2020
  • diabetes butter or margarine

    Butter versus margarine. Given the amount of passion and controversy this topic raises, you’d think we were talking about the presidential race. Undoubtedly, you have an opinion based on what you use. But what’s the real deal behind the debate? Butter, defined I don’t think you’d get much of an argument about the taste of butter. There’s nothing quite like melted butter on an ear of corn, a bowl of popcorn, or a slice of straight-out-of ...

    diabetes Apr 22, 2018
  • cdc diabetes screening guidelines

    Click Here to Receive Diabetes news via Email TheCenters for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recognized that DPS Health meetsits standards inproviding programs that are focused onhelping prevent type 2 diabetes . DPS Health is atop leaderin clinically-proven interventions to change digital behavior ofthe emergent-risk population. This is the very first time that digital programs areincluded in the CDC guidelines within its Diabetes Prev ...

    diabetes Apr 5, 2018
  • metformin and yeast infections

    The purpose of yeast in the body is to keep bacteria under control, and it can be found in moist areas such as the mouth, genitals and under folds of skin. However, when yeast builds up too much it’s classed as an infection. This can cause pain, itchiness, and discomfort. While there can be other reasons for yeast infections, those with poorly-controlled diabetes are at a higher risk of them. One is that when blood glucose levels are high, extr ...

    diabetes Apr 4, 2018


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