Will Insulin Kill A Rat

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Rat Model To Study Metabolic Syndrome

But the rat that Abraham has nurtured in her molecular biology laboratory at the St Aloysius College, Mangalore, may serve as an animal model for a state of the body called metabolic syndrome, produced through a diet similar to human food habits. Metabolic syndrome in humans is marked by a confluence of multiple risk factors - obesity, insulin-resistance, high triglycerides and cholesterol levels, and high blood pressure - that raise the risk of cardiovascular diseases, including coronary artery disease and stroke. Scientists have for decades worked with animal models -mice, rats, among other animals - to study diabetes, obesity, and high lipid levels, developed by feeding the animals excessive fats at levels that humans would not typically consume or through drugs such as streptozocin that kill insulin-producing cells in the pancreas. But most existing animal models mimic one or a mix of two conditions, not the multiple conditions of metabolic syndrome. "Our rat displays three key features of metabolic syndrome - obesity, high triglycerides and cholesterol, and insulin-resistance," Abraham, head of the biotechnology department at the St Aloysius College, told The Telegraph. "This Continue reading >>

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  1. devadair

    For all of the reasons that have previously been stated, having your pet euthanized this way was beyond inhumane.
    More than anything else though, it is because of the ignorance of cars in general that makes me really sad.
    You are probably not be aware of this, the mandatory implementation catalytic converters in cars several decades ago has made it impossible to commit suicide in that fashion.
    The function of a catalytic converter is to convert most of the lethal CO that is released by your car into relatively harmless CO2.
    Sitting in your garage with a modern car will do nothing more that give you a bad headache and a case of stomach upset.
    Your hamster almost certainly died from exposure to heat and chemicals, not in the relatively gentle way of having the oxygen in her blood replaced with carbon monoxide.

    This is why I asked, because I have no idea what the effects of carbon monoxide are on the bodies of small mammals. Also with the other factors you mentioned, I'm glad I asked. I haven't heard of many people using this method these days, since vet administered euthanasia is reasonable price wise. These things are just good to know, for everyone, something to keep for the memory bank.

  2. devadair

    Thank you. This forum doesn't just exist for specific people to get specific answers to their questions, but for ALL visitors to learn from, and we don't want to give the impression that this situation should be condoned. As a whole, this forum does not condone home methods of euthanasia in ANY form.

    /nod I understand

  3. Eternal Dream

    All your $1-40 PTS cases. Our vet is now at $130 something she charged to have our cat pts, and that isn't the mass cremation fee, we had to take the body home to bury it because it was something like another $50 or so. Before it was $1 per pound (mass cremation that is), like $400+ to get ashes back.

    Euthanasia's don't cost much, and many Humane Societies will do them for free. Let them spend their final moments in peace.

    ^ I worked at a shelter, and no at least in my area they didn't take animals in freely to put them down. That was your job pretty much as the pet owner. Which eh, it's a catch 22. Some people really need the help and without it will do something stupid, others will use it to save a couple of bucks since the 'thing' is going to die anyway. Plus I don't think being in a shelter is peaceful. Better than living in pain until you finally pass, but shelter is not peaceful by any means either.
    Then again, when I took my cat in to be pts, she was stressed out so badly. Ugh, I hate that office now for what they did. I can handle other animals being put to sleep, but not mine, so I requested that I not be in the room. Yet they were pretty much laying on top of her, drawing the needle back as I was still in the room. I still feel bad about it, my poor girl But still, I have to tell myself that those few moments of stress was better than her starving herself to death
    I'm not justifying experimenting home kills, I mean, either way it's the least that could be done since it is the last fee to pay for the pet so I think they deserve that at least. But it's getting pricey! At least where I am.

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