Who Makes Insulin Pumps

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Exit By Johnson & Johnson Bolsters Medtronic's Insulin Pump Dominance

Using an insulin pump is an act of profound trust. Diabetic patients wear their insulin pumps at virtually all hours, relying on the medical machinery to administer doses of a potentially lethal hormone to keep their blood-sugar levels from going dangerously out of range. So it came as a shock to Ed Komp when he learned last month that his pump maker, Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), was halting all North American sales of its Animas brand insulin pumps and pushing its customers toward devices and supplies made by Medtronic. Komp had dropped Medtronic a decade ago, choosing Animas pumps instead. Now he must reconsider his options after getting the Oct. 10 letter from JNJ. “My first response was really one of fear,” said Komp, a software engineer at the University of Kansas who has used insulin pumps to treat his Type 1 diabetes for 25 years. “I’ve made the change once, and it’s a really hard change, actually. Very small differences have a big impact for me personally.” Minnesota-run Medtronic has emerged as a major winner in the $1.7 billion U.S. market for insulin pumps and supplies, as thousands of letters limiting patient choice have been sent out to diabetics, from both man Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Amyk

    Which is the best insulin pump & CGM

    I'm T1D and 7 weeks pregnant. Currently I use insulin injections. I am planning to switch to pump along with CGM. Can you guys recommend some?

  2. coravh

    I know people like the dexcom, but medtronic has been getting better. As for pumps, I always liked my medtronic but my suggestion to you is to talk to the local reps and see who you feel most comfortable with (also who your insurance pays for as well).

  3. elbruce

    They all do the same thing (I.e. Deliver insulin in small doses) so it really comes down to the features that appeal to you. A quick run down of the main features:
    Cordless - omnipod
    Touchscreen- tandem t:slim
    Integrated Dexcom - tandem, animas
    Integrated CGM/"Artifical Pancreas" - Medtronics
    Here is a nice page with tons of useful info:
    Good luck! I personally love my dexcom and t:slim and when the X-2 is approved for the G5 I am going to upgrade but until I don't mind the separate devices.
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