What Is An Insulin Induced Coma?

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Clinico-biochemical Studies On Glutamic Acid Part 1. Its Recovery Effect On The Insulin-shock Coma And Its Application In Clinical Practice As A New Therapeutic Method

Summary The recovery effect of sodium glutamate upon the insulin-induced coma was studied on 115 schizophrenic cases. And, the following results were obtained The recovery effect of glutamic acid upon the insulin-induced coma was recognized. The recovery effect of glutamic acid upon the insulin-induced coma works in proportion to the concentration of the glutamic acid. The recovery effect upon the insulin-induced coma was examined with combination of glucose, glutamic acid and various kinds of vitamins. As the result, it became clear that combination of 50% glucose, 20 % sodium glutamate and vitamin B6 works efficacious upon the insulin-induced coma whether the coma may be deep or not. Combiation of 50% glucose + 20% sodium glutamate + vitamin B6 was used to 95 cases of insulin-induced coma, with clinical recovery effect affirmed all the cases well worthy as a new clinical method of the recovery from the insulin-induced coma. Continue reading >>

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