Sugar Level During 8th Month Pregnancy

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Top 30 Doctor Insights On: Sugar Level 155 During 9th Month Of Pregnancy

3 Fetal development: Truth to say, we don't really know what effects the development of the corpus callosum in the fetus. We do know that about 10% of adults do not have a corpus callosum and are essentially normal. Partial absence of the corpus callosum is abnormal and associated with mental retardation. ...Read more 7 8 14 17 19 24 25 28 Continue reading >>

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  1. SonaliParge

    I am in the 8th month of pregnancy and feel
    Very thirsty at night. Not able to sleep properly..
    Go to the toilet 6-7 times..
    Any body having a similar experience?
    Please help

  2. hrastro

    Every pregnancy is different even for the same woman
    Keep lots of pillows, sleep on the side which is nearer to an attached toilet and keep a bottle of water nearby
    Also, if you have not already done it, please ask your doctor to check your sugar levels, some women get diabetes during their pregnancy and your symptoms could be pointing to higher sugar levels !

  3. SonaliParge

    Yes, I taking tablets for gestational diabetes
    But still I feel thirsty, am not getting a sound
    Sleep. Also my haemoglobin is low.
    Am lil tensed with all this. Please help.

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