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  1. Lady19thC

    So, for the past year my A1C has been holding beautifully at 4.9%. As much as I would love to see that again, right now I am thrilled the doctor called and said it is a 5.2%. I've fallen off the wagon, so to speak, in snacking. I grab the peanut butter jar or the hummus tub and a knife and start scooping and eating, like there is no tomorrow, and voila. There are the results. I also had a nasty cold in April which lasted 3 1/2 weeks and raised my BG up a bit, especially while taking cough drops and Robitussin, and think I have another cold hitting today. I feel lousy, can't stop sneezing and have a super runny nose. I also had one very high reading after pigging out on popcorn in March while watching the movie Beauty and the Beast at the theatres. That didn't go over well! So I will gladly take my 5.2% which the doctor said I am still in good control.
    But I plan to do my utmost to stop my bad snacking habits. I have not gained a pound and still do all my full workouts and keep active. My meals, I believe, are fine. I just need to get that bad snacking under control to get my BG back down to around 5.0. That is my goal for the next 6 months! Yay!

  2. Goodgirl08

    Lady, don't keep the snack stuff in the house. If you cut way down on fat you will crave peanut butter. Been there done that.

  3. ShirlAgn

    I'm not sure it's the peanut butter itself. But maybe the portion? I can have a spoonful and do fine, but if I grabbed the jar and knife, and sat down in front of the TV, it wouldn't be pretty. I prefer mixed nuts, but it's the same. Have a few for snack, numbers are great. But if I took the can to watch TV, it would be too late..
    But remember too, that when you are sick, BGs can run higher than normal.
    Still, 5.2 is nothing to sneeze at, especially looking at previous numbers.
    Hope you feel better soon,

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