Lchf Diet Without Ketosis

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When On Low Carb High Fat Diet (not Ketogenic) - Do You Burn Fat?

You ALWAYS burn fat No matter what you eat, fat is a key part of your body's basal energy production. While at rest and fasted (as in, you haven't just eaten) you get about 60% of your calories from your fat stores.[1] Let's be clear, here also, Ketosis is a state when your body is getting it's energy from ketone bodies produced through beta oxidation (a piece of fat metabolism). The ketogenic diet is a special plan that was put together by the Mayo Clinic to help treat epilepsy. It happened to be a great way to reduce fat in overweight people, also. If you fast for a long time (I don't recommend this to anyone), or you eat a diet sufficiently high in fat and low in carbohydrates, you'll go into ketosis, it usually only takes a day or two. Long story short, if you have fat, you're probably burning it. When you eat, chances are you're storing some of it. If you eat a lot, you're probably storing more than you're burning. When you're on a high fat diet, you'll DEFINITELY be burning fat, it'll just be fat that you've eaten rather than stored. It's all about the calorie balance. If you absorb more energy than you use during the day, you'll develop your adipose stores. Otherwise, you'll Continue reading >>

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  1. unidentifies

    I eat high fat/low carb. But not enough for my body to go into ketosis. Am I doing my body good, or harm?

  2. SentientCouch

    Without a battery of medical tests over an extended period of time, it's not easy for anyone to say if you are strictly doing your body good or harm.
    Are you losing weight? Are you feeling better, more energetic? Does your current diet satisfy you? I think these are indicators of wellness. If you're shedding excess body fat (and eating enough protein to maintain muscle mass), you're doing your body good. If your body is feeling better, you're probably doing your body good. If your meals are tasty and satisfying, you're doing your psyche good, and your body, too.
    You may, in fact, be in states of ketosis throughout the day, even at ~50-70 grams of carbs. Do what works for you. Good luck!

  3. insaniac87

    I don't normally comment here as this is how I am generally am as full on keto just felt miserable for me. At 60-80 grams of carbs a day I am more awake and alert, have more energy and endurance, and in my first 3 months of cutting down on my carbs and upping my protiens and fats I lost ~40lbs (I've since plateaued but that is my own fault)
    Learning about Keto opened up my eyes in a lot of ways and this knowledge has really improved my life in many ways. I am always seeing lots of encouragement from the community here to find what works best for you.

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