Will Watermelon Knock Me Out Of Ketosis

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A Guide To Ketosis

Here is the guide to ketosis. The contents of this article can be located here. If you're currently wondering what on earth ketosis even is, then you're in luck for I plan not only to befuddle but also to enlighten. All you have to do is read on. I've personally had fantastic results on keto, and I really believe in the validity of this diet - not only in terms of fat-loss, but also in terms of health-gain. There is a lot of understandable skepticism and tons of misconceptions about keto; I want to let newcomers know, however surprising it may be, that keto (or at least a diet low in grains/sugars and high in fats) is a very healthy diet with numerous benefits. This guide is very long so I've partitioned this post into subsections. The links contained within the contents are 'clickable' and will transport you directly to that section. You can also right click and select "copy link address" of a particular section/section title, and you can either bookmark it so that you can return to a specific section easily or you can give the link to a friend if you want them to read a particular section. If you want to return to the contents of the page simply click on the 'upwards' arrows that Continue reading >>

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  1. gawdess

    Sheesh! Right when I was doing so well (I hit 204 my lowest ever!) TOM water gain happens and I do a planned cheat day last Sunday, ARGH. I tested myself on monday and I was negative for Ketones. Problem is its now Wednesday and I am still negative. I quit smoking on Monday too....I have done my best to get back on the induction diet....these are the things I am mainly eating. My water intake is around 64 ounces a day
    2-3 eggs for breakfast with a bit of light cream and colby cheese
    diet vanilla coke (1 or 2 cans a day)
    2-3 pieces of sugar free candy to help with nicotine cravings
    Chicken Salad in a cup with regular mayo
    Pork Rinds (Had a couple bites of some BBQ ones I got at Walmart, discovered they had a bit of sugar in them and decided to toss, funny the label still said 0 carbs...LIARS!) I am back to my plain pork rinds...they are a lifesaver...
    Cream Cheese Clam Dip....
    Steak with 0 carb Au Jus sauce
    My carbs are right around 20 a day according to fitday...What should I do? I am trying to get back on the wagon. Anything listed above I should cut out...I am trying to minimize my sf candy and diet soda until I can get back into Ketosis. Thanks for the help guys! Without this board I would never have made it as far as I have. Valuable lesson to be learned here....CHEAT DAYS DONT WORK FOR MY BODY! The only cheat item I ate that I really liked was the Watermelon, the rest was yuck! (Cheetos, Chicken Salad Sandwich on Bread, Whole Milk and a chocolate chip cookie)
    My body went right into Ketosis when I initially started. I recently added two new supplements to my regiment to take care of symptoms one is Magnesium the other is Potassium. They both have Dextrose listed on the label..could this be it?

  2. Teaselus

    First of all, don't panic. You'll get back into Ketosis - it took you a while the first time, right?
    Second, chuck it up to experience - now you KNOW you can't cheat, so you won't be tempted anymore. Every time temptation hits, you'll have a visual of your scales going up - and the temptation will be gone.
    Thirdly - forget your scale and keto sticks for a few days - perhaps a week. Re-measure in a week and I'm sure you'll feel much better.
    Most importantly - hang in there. You were doing great, and will continue to do so. So you had a minor setback - you'll get over it; stressing out about it will not help the problem, it'll only hinder your progress (I bet you your body doesn't like you stressing out, either).
    Go on a mental vacation. Congratulate yourself on your results, rather than beating yourself up because of a minor setback.
    :thup: :yay:

  3. kamikaze

    Do you not like veggies? I find that I do get into ketosis quickly with eggs for breakfast, a 2 cup salad for lunch, and then protein and one serving of veggies for dinner, with almost ALL carbs from veggies and v. little cheese and junky stuff. It's just a thought.
    Your testing strips might not be accurate either for some reason. I don't use them, so I just have to go by other signs, like the lovely "ketosis scent". ;)

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