Will Splenda Affect Ketosis

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Will Taking Sugar Free Sweetener Tablets, Stop Me From Getting Into Ketosis?

A balance has to be brought between and amongst Fats, carbohydrates, Glucose and insulin. Excess will bring about some thing and also the lack will bring about something. Now it depends on the age and health conditions. If no fruit, no dairy products, then the body fuel will reduce. The patient will lack in minerals. So, be in contact with the doctor and try. Clinical checks will suggest more about it. Continue reading >>

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  1. HollywoodSwole

    I ask because the flax oil/chocolate protein shake is getting old. I have a huge tub of unflavored protein that I used p/w with dextrose and kool-aid. I wanna try my unflavored stuff with a little sweetener and kool-aid just for variety. .

  2. fresh

    Aspartame kicks you out of ketosis?

  3. s2000

    Use sucralose (Splenda), Ace-K, saccharin, or stevia, preferably in that order. Splenda is not metabolised for the most part and is very close to eating air. The only one to avoid is Aspartame, as many people get kicked out of ketosis on it. Be careful not to overload on sweeteners however as your body expects sugar to enter the blood stream, and even though it doesn't with fake sugar your body releases some insulin anyhow in expectation. It shouldn't be an issue unless you pour it on.
    Also, kool aid is a BAD idea. it has citric acid in it which can be worse than aspartame, and then amount of sweetener used with kool aid is large (may cause insulin spike). Aspartame is very easy to avoid, but citric acid is almost impossible to avoid in beverages. even flavored water usually has it in it. Some people are more sensative than others. Diet Dr. Pepper is about the only pop that doesnt have any (but it does have aspartame).
    Hope this helps...

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