Will Ketosis Kill You

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Is Ketosis Dangerous?

Duck Dodgers October 14, 2014 Peter, An article by Per Wikholm was published in this month’s LCHF Magasinet, where Per demonstrates that the Inuit could not have been in ketosis given that the scientific literature is abundantly clear, over and over again, that the Inuit consumed too much protein, and more importantly, Per debunks Stefansson’s claims for high fat with writing from his own books—Stef admitted in the pemmican recipes that Arctic caribou was too lean to make pemmican that supported ketosis. The most popular LCHF bloggers in Sweden, Andreas Eenfeldt/Diet Doctor and Annika Dahlquist have reluctantly agreed with Per’s findings—admitting that the Inuit were likely not ketogenic from their diet. I’ve put together a comprehensive review of the scientific literature regarding the Inuit, encompassing over two dozen studies, spanning 150 years, with references from explorers, including Stefansson. In the comments section of that post, Per gives a brief overview of how he was able to prove Stefansson’s observations on high fat intake were flawed. The post is a review of all the available literature that I could find (over two dozen studies). But, the literature ce Continue reading >>

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  1. emmveepee

    I just explain it to them. I'm a biochemist and I know the ketogenic metabolic pathway down to the atom. I tell them about hormone response to carbs. I also tell them that you can eat healthy, low carb foods, like veggies. I also tell them that there is only a weak link between a high fat diet and heart disease.
    People tend not to argue with someone more knowledgable.
    Really, the main danger of keto is going off of keto, without learning how to control your appetite without the hunger suppression mechanisms of keto.
    The other danger is muscle wasting. Remember, muscle is a long term energy storage material, like fat. Eat your protein. This danger is pretty much there in any diet, though.
    You need to peacefully explain these things so that people understand the diet. I'm really fond of Keto, and if you browse this subforum, you'd see that the diet works to LOWER a lot of lipid panels in this forum. Reach out to others so that they can experience it to.

  2. grodon909

    I mean, he is a biochemist. He could probably just say it, and people will know upfront that they have few non-anecdotal evidence to counter. I usually just start referencing molecules involved and people coughmysister shut up :)

  3. [deleted]

    Came here to say this. I'm a cell biologist and I definitely don't get that reaction. If anything, I get more pushback when I mention my education. People don't like their beliefs being challenged.

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