Why To Stop Keto

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After Been On A Keto Diet For A Month And 2 Weeks, I Took Coffee With Milk And Sugar Yesterday And Experienced A Stomach Ache, Why? How Do I Start Incorporating My Regular Meals Into A Keto Diet As I Want To Stop Keto?

The key is to slowly re-introduce carbs back into your diet. Two reasons: By avoiding carbs for a long period of time you may lack the digestive enzymes to break down carbs for a period of time. Thus you may experience gastrointestinal distress. If you reintroduce carbs too quickly, you may be susceptible to putting on body fat. Somewhat related to reason one, your body is not used to using carbohydrates for energy due to being in ketosis for a long period of time. This is a bit of an arbitrary number, but I would start at 50g per day and assess it from there. If you feel okay, try increasing it 15–20g per week until you reach your old maintenance level. Hello.. First of all.. what is ketosis? Or what does ketosis aim at? It's a conversion of body's dependency on glucose for energy to ketones.. now when producing glucose through its natural source ie Carbs.. carbs break down to form glucose under the action of insulin.. now incase of Ketosis.. spiking up of insulin is out of question as you no more need glucose for energy but ketones! Now.. why did you feel stomach ache? WeLL here's why.. over 2 months of restriction on glucose production and all of a sudden the Sugar that you ha Continue reading >>

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  1. splunky

    I am still finding my way around doing PB with a family so not into PB at all. Have learned some new recipes and some things about myself through all this. I have also gained a few (well, alot) lbs and would like to get a jump start on this healthy way of eating and lose some weight. I plan to keep around 20-30 grams of carbs, including whatever foods i desire that are Primal.
    My problem is, it's possible I am pregnant. Will ketosis harm a potential pregnancy or cause it to not happen? Its very early, only a few days, I don't want to risk anything, but am not sure if this is any risk? I also don't want to waste this 2 weeks while waiting, lnot lose any weight, or get into the "sweet spot" and find out I am not pregnant!
    What do you think? Thx for the help.

  2. lizch

    I would adjust your focus to very healthy eating and exercise instead of weight loss. Even if you're obese, you don't want to lose weight while pregnant. You also may face 3 months of (possible severe) morning sickness, and to precede that with intentional weight loss would just make it harder.
    I don't know how ketosis fits into pregnancy, but my instinct is that it isn't a good idea.
    So eat good primal food, don't aim for ketosis...your body is powering up to do the most AMAZING thing it ever does!!

  3. lizch

    I just did a bit of googling. Kinda interesting. Half the hits are the dangers of ketones for pregnant ewes and other animals! But that seems to be all related to pre-eclampsia/toxemia. Not sure that's the same issue as dietary ketosis.
    Other posts talked about the lack of research on this issue. Some pointed out that if you do have severe morning sickness, you'll be in ketosis anyway, and that's been true for all of human history. Morning sickness actually correlates with HEALTHIER pregnancies! So maybe ketosis isn't inherently bad?
    Still, my first paragraph still stands. Don't aim to lose weight right now, through any means. You need to start on the road of accepting that your body is going to get bigger, much bigger.
    One final comment: if you are pregnant, stay low carb, and they offer you the Gestational Diabetes screen at 24 weeks, it sounds like being low carb can give false positives on that test. It's a poor-accuracy test at the best of times, but it sounds like low carb just makes it worse.

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