Why Ketoacidosis Is Bad

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What Happens If You Either Eat Only Carbs Or Only Fat (and You Somehow Get Enough Vitamins And Minerals)?

Supplements can’t compete with whole foods. To prevent all the major diseases, you need fruits (especially berries), veggies, beans, nuts and seeds, and to avoid salt, oils and sugar (SOS). You do need supplements if you’re a vegan (no animal products), but B12, Vitamin D and DHA/EPA (in the form of algae oil) should be enough. (I like Joel Furhman’s multi-vitamin and his DHA/EPA oil.) With a plant-rich diet, you’re likely to be among the healthiest people on the planet, assuming you avoid most packaged foods, fried foods, junk foods, etc. Of the two options, all fats would be the worst, since you’d be lacking in fiber and all the nutrients that veggies and fruits bring to you. Your body would be wide open for attack, your immune system very weak. But there’s no reason to ever starve yourself of healthful foods. If it’s for weight loss purposes, keep in mind that vegans have been shown to be the thinnest of all cohorts. You can find delicious recipes at Vegan Recipes - Oh She Glows and Plant Based Dietitian and by Googling “nutrient dense plant-rich recipes.” Continue reading >>

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  1. Mark Simpson

    (edit: it's worth pointing out that "Ketosis " on it's own is not a bad thing, but Diabetic ketoacidosis is. I assume this is the point of the question)
    Diabetic Ketoacidosis comes from High (hyper) Blood Sugar not Low (Hypo). They could happen together, if you had high blood sugar for too long, the Ketoacidosis happened then you over treated the high and it went low. In this case you'd have 2 separate problems. Hypoglaycemia and Ketoacidosis. Low blood sugar will make you pass out and go into a coma eventually. Ketoacidosis is very painful and horrible to be part of. But I wouldn't say they increase each others danger very much.
    (i am a diabetic, not a medical professional)


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  2. Dennis Kitainik

    I'm not a doctor, but from what I know of diabetic conditions, both of these can be dangerous, and especially if they occur together (especially since ketosis would probably indicate serious hypoglycemia).

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