Why Does Acidosis Cause Vomiting?

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Acid-base Physiology

Case 15 : An old man with abdominal pain and shock Clinical Details An 85 year old man was admitted with severe abdominal pain and shock. The abdominal pain had started about 1500hrs and quickly became quite severe. There was no radiation to the back. The patient was known to have an abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA). On arrival at hospital, the patient was shocked with peripheral circulatory failure and hypotension (BP 70-80 systolic). His abdomen was guarded and quite tender. He was distressed but able to talk and could understand instructions. Past history was of hypertension (on metoprolol and prazosin) and angina (on Isordil). Prior to this event, the patient was mobile and independent. A ruptured AAA was diagnosed clinically and he was transferred to theatre for emergency laparotomy. On arrival in theatre, BP was 120 systolic. The patient was talking but distressed by pain with rapid respirations at a rate of 30/min. It was noted that neck veins were very distended. An external jugular triple lumen central line and a brachial arterial line were placed before the surgical team had arrived in theatre. CVP was +40 mmHg. The blood gases were collected from an arterial line during p Continue reading >>

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  1. waklee1

    I was wondering where everyone finds there ketosis sticks. I am on day 12 of induction and only lost 7lbs so far. I lost this in the first 6 days though. I haven't been using the ketosis sticks, and am thinking that I should start. Where can I find them?

  2. saffron28

    You can get the Keto stix at wal-mart. I found mine by the diabetic testing supplies. I use them about once a day, and so far have only tested in ketosis once. A lot of people swear by them and just as many say they are junk. I am not too impressed with them but that is me. I guess they are one of those YMMV things.

  3. jennabrams

    I use the Ketostix brand that you buy at a pharmacy and I test once a day. The only thing I don't like is that you actually have to go to the pharmacist and ask for them because they are behind the counter. I have tried a few brands of these including atkins, but I believe these are the most accurate. They are about $10.00 for 50 or $17 for 100 depending on where you live. I find them at Walgreens, Eckerd, Duane Reade, CVS, and Rite Aid.
    Good Luck--

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