Which Compound Cannot Be Converted To Glucose?

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Antidiabetic Enolic Glucoside Of Phenylpyruvic Acid

Antidiabetic enolic glucoside of phenylpyruvic acid FIELD OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a compound for use as a medicament, especially a normoglycemic agent, i.e. for lowering blood glucose levels to normal levels in mammals that are obese, pre-diabetic or have diabetes, obesity and/or syndrome X (metabolic syndrome). BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION Diabetes mellitus defines a complex of metabolic diseases derived from multiple causative factors and is characterized by impaired glucose metabolism, usually associated with impaired protein and fat metabolism. This results in elevated fasting and postprandial serum glucose levels that leads to complications if left untreated. Four different forms of diabetes mellitus are known, (1 ) type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1 D), (2) type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2D), (3) the so-called gestational diabetes mellitus, which begins or is recognized for the first time during pregnancy, and (4) some other forms which are mainly based on genetic defects. The two major forms of diabetes mellitus are the type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus, of which T2D is the most prevailing form. There are many theories for explaining the impairment of insuli Continue reading >>

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  1. spage_rn

    I have smelled sinus infections like that, but I would definitely keep the appt with the doctor!
    Quote from spage_rn
    Nurses...I am so glad I found this web site (thanks Jeeves!). Anyway, my husband's breath smells like moth balls. Yes, it is disgusting. I am making him an appt at the internist tomorrow. This has been going on since Thursday...poor guy has brushed, flossed, scrubbed and used listerine like crazy. He feels fine.
    I guess I am asking if you all can think of some reason for this!! I have looked and looked on line and in the Merck Manual. All I find is acetone smelling breath for ketosis. And his breath smells like an old man...reminds me of my father in law (66, had prostate cancer 5 years ago). Help!! My husband has no s/sx of diabetes. I have even done finger sticks...always less than 110.
    He had this happen about a year ago but we can't remember what or when it went away.
    thanks for any help or insight.

  2. CDN_NPtobe

    Any problems with urination? Sometimes kidney failure will cause people to be malodorous because its a way for the body to try and rid itself of toxins. He also may have a pharygeal pouch or something that is filling with food that could cause the odor.
    Just ideas--I would agree that he should keep his appointment. Let us know how he makes out...

  3. LydiaGreen

    There are many possibilities so the appointment should definitely be kept. Could be a sinus infection. Does he have any trouble sleeping? Excessive snoring, periods where he stops breathing? My daughter has enlarged adenoids (possible T&A surgery this month) and it doesn't matter how often she brushes, flosses, gargles - she still has bad breath (although, she isn't aware of it - we've never told her. She's seven and the poor kid has more than enough to worry about with the lack of sleep.)

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