Where Is Ketoacidosis Found

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Is Type One Diabetes As Serious An Illness As Type 2?

Type 1 diabetes is arguably MORE serious than Type 2 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disorder. That means that it is chronic and incurable. Type 1 diabetics do not produce insulin at all. Type 2 is caused by overexposure and thus developed resistance to the insulin. You can, if you are vigilant, recover insulin sensitivity. Like Type 2 diabetes going into remission, to use familiar terms. Type 1 diabetics do not have that chance. Type 2 diabetes is sometimes treated with insulin in vet serious cases, but can usually be controlled with oral medications, diet, and exercise. Type 1 diabetes can ONLY be controlled with artificial insulin injections. Since Type 1 usually emerges in childhood, Type 1 diabetics get to look forward to life as a pincushion. Forever. Both are considered diabetes, but Type 1 and Type 2 are completely and utterly unrelated diseases that just happen to share a set of symptoms. It’s like comparing a child born without a leg to an adult who broke their leg in an accident. Sure, neither of them can walk, but the reasons that neither can walk are completely different, treated differently, and only one of the two ever has the chance to walk unaided in t Continue reading >>

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  1. chellemarie

    Try not to freak me out too much with your answers if it's a sign of something bad. I've noticed it in the last week and it's bugging me.
    Is there something that causes this? The only other time I've smelled this is when he's had a fever. He has no fever.

  2. Erin Pavlina

    Weird, cuz I was going to post something similar. My baby's breath and poop smells like nail polish remover. Very astringent. Anyone have any ideas? I wouldn't even know how to "google" this symptom.

  3. chellemarie

    I remember seeing a discussion about it when ds was either still inside or just very brand new. I tried searching, but couldn't find it no matter what I looked for.
    Maybe this isn't the right forum for this...? :

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