What Should My Macros Be On Keto?

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Mind Your Macros

KNOWLEDGE SUPPORT ACCOUNTABILITY a formula for weight loss Mind Your Macros is all about eating a healthy, satisfying, nutritious, well-formulated, ketogenic diet for rapid weight loss. Figuring out a winning weight loss formula can be confusing. Misty’s role is to guide you step by step with timely, accurate information, support and accountability during your journey through weight loss and on to a new you. IT WORKED FOR ME My goal is to help as many people, as I can, have the success that I have had. The day my life had purpose was the day that I discovered my passion for helping people successfully lose weight. Why KETOGENIC You won't feel deprived Being in ketosis is a natural appetite suppressant, I actually have to encourage most of my clients to eat enough food – their biggest complaint is that they feel too full to eat. Improved mood, mental clarity, better sleep, clearer skin, fewer aches and pains. Decrease in: triglyceride serum levels, blood pressure, blood sugar, insulin levels. Most Type 2 Diabetics can reduce or eliminate need for medication. Greater proportion of fat loss comes from the visceral fat in the abdominal cavity helping reduce and improve insulin sens Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. mehdi84

    What are the Macro Ratios for Keto?

    Are there macro ratios for Keto? In other words, instead of 40/40/20 (percentage breakdown of protein/carb/fat)... keto is x/y/z.
    Is this the best way to manage a keto diet (aside from the caloric counting)

  2. MarkVI

    macros is all keto is....65f/30-35protein less than 5% carbs
    a simple search bro...just saying, we talk about it all day long on here.

  3. mehdi84

    Thanks dude, my bad. I realized it a bit too late :P

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