What Ketosis Does To Your Body

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Does Ketosis (from A Fat-rich Diet) Affect Body Temperature?

One finds a minor increase in metabolism early in ketosis, especially so when consuming MCTs. MCTs are converted into ketone bodies in their first pass through the liver. Humans do not store those well and metabolize them fairly quickly. Something similar happens with consumed ethanol. Ask yourself why metabolism decreases after dieting. How does the hypothalamus detect food shortage? It can’t do so from circulating ketone bodies or free fatty acids. Those are maintained from fat stores even when one is starving. It does that through glucose and insulin levels. On a strict ketogenic diet, I was found to have both low TSH and low T4. Normally, if T4 is low, TSH is raised to restore the required metabolism. Low T4 results in decreased basal metabolism. My condition was called central hypothyroidism and commonly seen only in patients who have suffered major disease or trauma. It reversed on restoration of a more normal diet. A true ketogenic diet is rather extreme in that it requires restriction of protein as well as carbs. Roughly half of ingested protein becomes glucose on its first pass through the liver. Continue reading >>

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  1. Amy Chai

    Ketosis rash means that your body does not like being in ketosis and it means that you are restricting your carbohydrates too much. That is not healthy.

  2. Jay William Litwyn

    I don’t think ketosis is a state you want to be in continually. It comes naturally with fasting, which is a religious ritual that Muslims observe in a season that varies with the moon. Meanwhile, some Christian sects observe fasting during lent and advent. It is

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