What Is The Absolute Fastest Way To Get Into Ketosis

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How To Get Into Ketosis Instantly (and What Even Is Ketosis?) – Dr. Anthony Gustin #138

Ketosis - I'm not going to lie, it's not easy. It took me a good 6 weeks to feel comfortable with the diet. But now I'm feeling sharp, enjoying not feeling bloated after meals, and even have got rid of the love handles. So I've done a podcast on how to get into keto quickly with an absolute expert in his field - Dr. Anthony Gustin. PS - I'm not doing this diet to lose weight. I'm doing it to increase energy, decrease inflammation, and generally feel awesome. But weight loss and toning up have come too. (He says modestly.) Always consult your practitioner before embarking on a new diet - especially ketosis which does require some adjustments in terms of supplements. Click here to enjoy streaming... When you listen you'll hear Is it possible to stick to a keto diet on the road? [3:13] The ketogenic diet to reset your digestive system [6:25] How to test your keto levels [9:49] How ketosis increases clarity [15:00] Ketone supplements, how it works and its side effects [16:55] How did Dr. Anthony Agustin started his company, Perfect Keto [28:17] The ketogenic diet for a balanced life and high energy levels [34:00] Transitioning to a keto diet [36:30] For more information Listen and foll Continue reading >>

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  1. johndehlinmademedoit

    What are some of the things you've found to be helpful in getting back to a state of ketosis after a carb-up day? I find it is taking me about 4 very strict days to get back in, and I am wondering if there is a way to speed it up by a day or two.

  2. 186394

    How are you determining that? How do you know when you're "back in"?
    Hopefully /u/Naonin will see this and link papers and get all sciencey, but I think it takes around 14 hours for the liver to run out of glucose and start producing ketones.

  3. anbeav

    It's 12-16 hours assuming you filled liver glycogen.

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