What Is Partially Compensated Metabolic Acidosis?

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Abg’s—it’s All In The Family

By Cyndi Cramer, BA, RN, OCN, PCRN RealNurseEd.com 3.0 Contact Hour Self Learning Module Objectives: Identify the components of the ABG and their normal ranges Interpret ABG values and determine the acid base abnormality given Identify the major causes of acid base abnormalities Describe symptoms associated with acid base abnormalities Describe interventions to correct acid base abnormalities Identify the acceptable O2 level per ABG and Pulse Oximetry Identify four causes of low PaO2 The Respiratory System (Acid); CO2 is a volatile acid If you increase your respiratory rate (hyperventilation) you "blow off" CO2 (acid) therefore decreasing your CO2 acid—giving you ALKLAOSIS If you decrease your respiratory rate (hypoventilation) you retain CO2 (acid) therefore increasing your CO2 (acid)—giving you ACIDOSIS The Renal System (Base); the kidneys rid the body of the nonvolatile acids H+ (hydrogen ions) and maintain a constant bicarb (HCO3). Bicarbonate is the body’s base You have Acidosis when you have excess H+ and decreased HCO3- causing a decrease in pH. The Kidneys try to adjust for this by excreting H+ and retaining HCO3- base. The Respiratory System will try to compensate by Continue reading >>

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    If your blood sugar levels have been "okay today", your ketone levels will soon dissipate, my friend. In fact, if your blood sugar levels really are OK, the ketones will be gone within a few hours. You could try drinking lots of water in a deliberate attempt to make you pee. This will aid your body getting rid of the ketones.

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    I'm not sure what ketones are but my mum was diagnosed with diabetes a couple of years back and she was really bad. Her sister who's a pharmacist told her to slice an aubergine, immerse it in water and drink the water all day. She also did a bit of research and cinnamon kept coming up so she drank lots of cinnamon tea and put it in all her food. When she next went back to the doctor they couldn't believe how quickly her diabetes had come under control. Maybe coincidence, I don't know, but these things can't hurt you so worth a try.

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    Ketones are an acid remaining when the body burns its own fat. If you do test for ketones when you are at home, should you keep getting high blood sugar readings tests that show positive for ketones then call for medical advice.
    Diet is the KEY to getting rid of ketones. You must eat a healthy, well-balanced diet in order for your body to stop burining its own fat resources. You shouldn't exercise too much if you've got ketones either, as your body is already burning fat and you want that to subside.
    You can also test for ketones using ketone testing kits like the Ketostix, Acon urine reagent ketone and some blood glucose meters also detect ketones.

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