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Are Keto Sticks Fat Burning Indicators Or A Fat Waste Of Money?

You will no doubt have come across keto sticks if you’ve ever done a ketogenic diet planor read any message boards about low carb diets. Whilst a lot of dieters use them, they do not always understand how to read the results and adjust their diet to optimise it. This article aims to resolve this and clear up the facts about keto strips. Ketogenic diets force your body to adapt to using fat for fuel when glucose (from carbs) is not present, this is known as ketosis Ketones are a by-product of ketosis and keto sticks (also known as ketostix or ketosticks) are urine testing strips which detect the presence of ketones in the blood. They are small plastic strips with an absorbent pad on the end, you urinate on the absorbent pad and it changes colour to reflect the amount of ketones present in your urine. They are also sometimes referred to as keto diastix, don’t get confused as these are two different products. Keto diastix are usually used by Type I diabetics to detect the presence of glucose, they are of no use to keto dieters. Where Can I Purchase Keto Sticks? Amazon is probably your most convenient option – the best I have found online is this: Nurse Hatty Ketone Strips. Diabe Continue reading >>

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  1. Margot LaNoue

    What: Ketosis strips are also known as keto sticks/stix, and ketone urinalysis strips. They are designed to indicate whether or not ketones are present in urine.
    Where: They can be purchased in most drug stores and you may find them near the diabetic testing aids and similar products. In my experience you will not find many competing brands (unlike band-aids for example), so they can be difficult to locate on the shelf due to there only being one or two options stocked at any time. Price is usually $6-$12 per package.
    How to use them: To use a keto stick, pee on it or swirl it in a urine sample. The entire strip does not need to be submerged, the important part is at the very tip. After about 5-15 seconds, the tip of the stick may change color, indicating the presence of ketones in the urine. The exact shade is an indication of the concentration of ketones.
    Interpreting your results: It is important to note that the concentration of ketones in urine means almost nothing because of conditions like (de)hydration that are impossible to control. Also, ketosis is an either/or condition: you're either in ketosis, or you're not. For most people that's a sufficient level of analysis.

  2. Justin Litchfield

    You can buy them from a drug store or Amazon (where I get them). I find them fairly useful for the nursing people psychologically through the adaptation period - basically once your urine starts showing the presence of ketones you will be feeling better, but beyond that they're not super helpful.

  3. Raj Patel

    Ketosis strip are used to measure ketones in your urine. If your planning on using it for checking if your in ketosis its not accurate at all. I would reccomend a glucometer for accurate readings from your blood.

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