What Is Ketosis In Dairy Cattle

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OIEGON sure tt.,. HIM .'"., OW. Coml. aad the U S. Cyan.. 1.4516),Nn Ketosis in Dairy Cows Prepared by D. E. ANDERSON and H. P. EWALT Extension Dairy Specialists, Oregon State University, Corvallis Ketosis, or acetonemia, might well be called a prob- lem of high production since prevention and control is more difficult with high milk production. Few animals are challenged to meet the metabolic demands that a high- producing dairy cow must adapt to during the early part of lactation. Common observations and experimental evidence show that cows may be in a negative balance for both protein and energy shortly after calving and for about the first 60 days of lactation. The following data on ketosis are taken from a summary of recent research published in the July 1968 issue of the Journal of Dairy Science. What Is Ketosis? Ketosis is a metabolic disorder in which something goes wrong with the normal body processes and the cow becomes sick. There are no inflammatory organisms involved and the condition is not contagious. There seems to be a situation where the cow is temporarily pro- ducing more milk and thus requiring more feed nutrients than her feed intake provides. Nature may attemp Continue reading >>

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  1. HotBananaa

    Hello all, My wife and I are starting to have the conversation about starting a family. She is also curious about the Keto diet, which I am on. But I have never heard about keto and pregnant. Anyone have any advice or stories about it? Is it safe? Is it a better option or worse for the baby? How should the diet change from a normal keto diet? Anything we need to know?

  2. that-frakkin-toaster

    If she starts keto before she gets pregnant she can continue it throughout pregnancy with no problems. She should make sure she is eating enough calories to feed the baby, and not be in a deficit as most people who are trying to lose weight on keto are doing.
    If she becomes pregnant before starting keto I would not recommend changing her diet so drastically without the approval or her doctor first. I would say the same about any major changes during pregnancy.
    Also consider that at times pregnancy can really mess with her ability to stay on keto, so she needs to be used to it and she needs to really want it. She might have weeks of morning sickness where the only thing she can manage to eat is crackers. She might have some crazy cravings, and while cravings can be ignored or fulfilled, it might take a lot of willpower for her to not drive on over to taco bell and eat 10 tacos. Every person and every pregnancy is different.
    So tl;dr is it's possible, baby will be fine (probably better off, really), but she has to really want it, and she has to eat enough calories to support baby.

  3. HotBananaa

    She is intrigued by it because it is a healthier way to live. At least from my research and experience. She is 5'4 and 120 lbs. So she doesnt need to lose weight, so she would be doing it and maintaining.

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