What Is Ketosis In Cows

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Ketosis In Cattle Symptoms And Treatments

Ketosis is a fairly common disease among adult cattle, although usually it occurs in dairy cattle.Ketosis typically occurs the first six weeks of parturition.It occurs in dairy cattle because of their inability to intake enough nutrients to meet their energy needs.This can lead to hypoglycemia which is a pathologic state produced by a lower than normal level of glucose.That in turn leads to the formation of ketone bodies from the body and fat stores. Although they are only broken down for energy to used by the heart and brain in the times of low glucose levels. Ketosis is not an immediate thing like many other illnesses, it gradually occurs. Some typical symptoms you will notice about your cattle if they have ketosis happen to be a decreased appetite,marked weight loss,decreased milk production,acetone odor of breath,nervousness, and hard, mucus covered feces. For confined cattle, usually decreased appetite is the first sign that they might have ketosis.Also if they are fed in components such as part forage, part grain, they will tend to go for the forage more than they will go for the grain.If you fed your cattle in herds, then usually you will see reduced milk production,lethargy Continue reading >>

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    For those that are experienced with keto, do you prefer cheat meals or carb load days on good clean carbs? If you lean towards the carb load day, how many grams throughout the day.

  2. Pheedno

    I've done both ways and didn't notice a difference in fat loss. I felt better on the loads that had a bit more fat in them.
    1000-1800 on the carb loads, and just higher fat foods on the cheat(homemade hamburger, meat balls and pasta, fried steak and potatoes, etc.)

  3. 5% Monster

    It also depends on your body and how fast you start to gain fat. For example, if I carb load for more than one day, I notice that I gain fat and weight, so I Just do one cheat meal a week. BUT THAT CHEAT MEAL IS HUGE like pizza, ice cream and then regular soda.

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