What Is Ketosis Breath Like?

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Question: From Gerrards Cross, England (for one year) then Dresher, Pennsylvania, USA: My six year old adopted son has had acetone breath consistently for several weeks. I've tested his urine with the strips for glucose and ketones twice, and they are both negative. He has had this previously only when he was slightly dehydrated from bouts of nausea and vomiting. He is otherwise perfectly healthy and active and has no symptoms of diabetes. We have a dog with diabetes which is why I am familiar with the signs and the breath odor and have the urine strips. Are there other causes of acetone breath in an otherwise normal six year old? In view of the negative strips should I still have his blood glucose tested? Answer: Not everyone can smell acetone, but if you can, the most sensitive vehicle is the breath which may explain why urine testing has been negative. Ketosis in children can occur when the body is unable to get sufficient basal energy needs from the metabolism of carbohydrate and resorts to the breakdown of fat stores with the production of ketones. This can occur because of diabetes, but, as you have noticed, this is most likely to occur when appetite is diminished by intercur Continue reading >>

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  1. dolphingurl

    What does keto breath smell like?

    So this is sort of an odd question, but what does keto breath smell like? My brother and mom have been making comments lately that my breath doesn't smell so great but I'm not sure if it's keto or just something I'm eating maybe.
    And if it is keto breath, does anyone have any suggestions on how to deal with it? What do you guys do? I'm just so worried lately whenever I go to have a conversation with someone that my breath smells horrendous...

  2. VitaminX

    Sounds like keto-breath to me! Some people say it resembles a metallic smell. In my case, I thought that it had more of a hamburger-meat smell. Either way, it's definately noticeable. Brushing often, using mouthwash and mints/gum are really the only ways to cope with it as far as I know.

  3. HighRevinSi

    I've never smelled it before, but you exhale or excrete acetone from the breakdown of acetoacetate (Ketone body)
    If you've ever smelled acetone it is very strong and will make you light-headed. I doubt the breath is anywhere close to that

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