What Is Ketoacidosis In Pregnancy

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Pregnancy Ketoacidosis

Ads by Google Diabetic ketoacidosis is considering as a major cause of fetal loss in diabetes pregnancy. Learn ketoacidosis symptoms, treatment and prevention. Diabetes pregnant ketoacidosis Ketones in the blood and urine are due to starvation, during starvation your body starts to break down fat for energy and ketones released as a byproduct into the urine. You should test ketones if any of the following exists, It is normal during pregnancy, insulin-sensitivity drops by as much as 56% through 36 weeks of gestation. Hormonal changes during pregnancy contribute to this. This increase in insulin requirement progressively raises the incidence of diabetic ketoacidosis, especially during second and third trimesters. The blood-glucose level is uncontrolled because of a lack of insulin, mostly due to infection. Due to lack of insulin, your body does not able to utilize glucose in the blood stream, and your body is in starvation. Your body starts to break down fat, releasing ketones as a byproduct called diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA); a serious condition for both mother and baby. If your blood-glucose level rises exponentially, you should check your urine ketones. If ketones present, you sh Continue reading >>

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  1. skinnyjeans13

    By Dr. Michael Eades, this really explains EXACTLY what is happening in our bodies if/when we hit that dreaded plateau/wall when we are eating (or think we are eating) keto. Well, we are, but that doesn't always guarantee weight loss. Like I pointed out in other replies, too much dietary fat, too many calories (yes, no matter how much we dread that word, we have to face the fact that we still have to deal with it), it can affect the outcome.
    Personally, I have to stay almost zero carb several days a week, watch my fat intake, and fast in order to actively lose. To maintain I can do around 10-15 gm/day but still have to fast periodically. This being my second time around in active weight reduction, i restarted my hard-core aerobics, which I had ditched before, and am h appy to say that I am still losing, and am toning very nicely in the process, even at 55 yrs old. Weight loss is not as fast, of course, because of muscle gain, but working out in a fasted state, even replenishing fluids, I wake up the next morning 2 lbs lighter. That's my protocol and I'm sticking to it. It has been working for 2 months, and I am 15 lbs away from goal.

  2. skinnyjeans13

    Oops! I thought I put it in!

  3. skinnyjeans13

    Popcorn at 8 am! How cool is that!
    Jealous much...

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