What Is Dka Medical Term?

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Type 1 Diabetes- Abbreviations And Medical Terms Defined

Type 1 Diabetes- Abbreviations and medical terms defined While in nursing school I had a classmate who had a rather anxious way about herself. During our hospital training we would have a short debrief, err – drilling from our clinical instructors and then head off for our researched clinical experience. As we sat down this classmate sheepishly told our instructor, “I have looked everywhere and I cannot seem to figure out what my patient is allergic to.” (15 years ago we didn’t have the convenience of Google, can you imagine?) The Instructor replied, “What is the abbreviation?” My classmate blurted out, “She’s allergic to NKA!” My Instructors head looked like it was about to pop off as she said: “That means she has No Known Allergies!” Case in point being… what do all these abbreviations and medical terms mean to the rest of us? Newly diagnosed we see and hear many acronyms. With Type 1 Diabetes- Abbreviations and medical terms defined you will begin to understand this new language. ADA- American Diabetes Association Autoimmune- An overactive immune response of the body to itself. The Immune system creates antibodies that attack and destroy healthy cells and Continue reading >>

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  1. amsmith

    I understand that the guidelines state "uncontrolled" should be coded as hyperglycemia. What about the DKA type 2 portion? We have 2 opinions in our office and I am just looking for the correct way to code it.
    I suspect for my scenario E11.65, E11.69 and E87.2. Please help.
    There really should be an E11.1X...LOL!!
    Thank you,

  2. mitchellde

    Ketoacidosis is actually rare in a type 2 diabetic so that may be the reason for no specific code for it. So use the E11.69 with the E87.2

  3. amsmith

    Oddly, our physician's document it frequently. I will check with one of them to find out why we tend to have a higher volume.

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