What Is Anion Gap Metabolic Acidosis?

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The Anion Gap

The anion gap is a tool used to: Confirm that an acidosis is indeed metabolic Narrow down the cause of a metabolic acidosis Monitor the progress of treatment In a metabolic acidosis the anion gap is usually either ‘Normal’ or ‘High’. In rare cases it can be ‘low’, usually due to hypoalbuminaemia. An ABG machine will often give a print out of the anion gap, but it can also be useful to know how it is calculated. In blood, there are many cations and anions. However, the vast majority of the total number are potassium, sodium, chloride, or bicarbonate. The ‘anion’ gap is an artificial measure, which is calculated by subtracting the total number of anions (negatively charged ions – bicarbonate and chloride) from the total number of cations (sodium and potassium). Thus, the formula is: ([Na+]+ [K+]) –([Cl–]+ [HCO3–]) In reality, the concentration of potassium anions is negligible, and this often omitted. There are usually more measurable cations than anions, and thus a normal anion gap is value is positive. A normal value is usually 3-16, but may vary slightly depending on the technique used by the local laboratory. If the anion gap is <30, then there may not be Continue reading >>

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  1. Miss Lily

    am curious if any other members had a low or no carbohydrate diet whilst breastfeeding with no negative effect or drop in their supply?
    I was on a low carb diet before conceiving and had great results, since having bubs Ive been on around 1800 calories a day but the weight wont shift at all. I know for my body to lose weight I need to cut back on carbs but dont want to jeporise feeing my baby which is far more important.
    Really appreciate your feedback.

  2. ~kacee~

    I've been on a high protein, low carb (maybe 1 piece of bread a day, no potato, rice or pasta) since January 1st (DS was 6.5 months) and I haven't noticed any supply changes. However, I'm drinking heaps of water, and have started taking Herbs of Gold breastfeeding tablets, plus Blackmores P&BF gold tablets. Maybe they help??
    How old is your LO?

  3. axiomae

    Within a few days my supply drops right off. I'm still holding onto 5kgs of baby weight and can't wait to get rid of it! Low carb always works for me too, but I'm going to have to wait until I wean DD. I have a dodgy supply as it is so any drop is quite significant.

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