What Is Acidosis In Cattle?

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Acidosis reduces dry matter intake, fiber fermentation, milkfat production, and milk production. Sub-clinical rumen acidosis is evidenced by manure inconsistency, variable intakes, lack of cud-chewing, and general cow depression. Excessive acid production, lack of effective fiber, inadequate buffer addition, and heat stress are all associated with rumen acidosis. High-producing cows often experience a few hours of high rumen acidity during the day. If this situation is corrected, milk production can be increased. Systemic or metabolic acidosis occurs when the cow’s blood becomes acidic. It can cause laminitis. Sub-clinical Rumen Acidosis (also called sub-acute rumen acidosis or SARA) occurs when the pH of the cow’s rumen drops below 5.8. When the rumen microbes ferment feed, they produce acids. If this acid builds up in the rumen, rumen pH drops. The rumen bacteria do not grow well when the rumen is acidic. At low rumen pH, the concentration of hydrogen ions outside the rumen microbe increases and hydrogen ions leak into the microbe. In order to maintain near neutral pH within its body, the microbe must expend additional energy to get rid of the hydrogen ions. This process resu Continue reading >>

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  1. Anguscollegekid

    What exactly is acidosis, how does it occur and what determines if they live or quick death?

  2. milkmaid

    Good grief... there's no such thing as a short answer to that question. Best suggestion would be to run a search on the boards and/or on google before asking here.
    My very concise answers to your questions... acidosis is a state where the pH of the animal's rumen and/or body organs, blood, etc, drop below normal levels to an acidic pH. Usually caused by grain overload, can also be caused by diarrhea (loss of electrolytes). As with any problem, the level of severity and prompt treatment determine the outcome.

  3. 1982vett

    I find this to be a pretty good source of information.
    http://www.merckvetmanual.com/mvm/index ... d=acidosis

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