What Is A Normal Ketone Level?

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What Are The Optimal Ketone Levels For A Ketogenic Diet?

If you’ve just started a ketogenic diet, then you’ll know that it can be really tough to figure out if you’re doing keto right. Am I eating too many carbs? Too much protein? Should I still be feeling tired? When is the fat burning supposed to start? It’s confusing, and one of the most confusing aspects is what your optimal ketone levels are supposed to be. Unlike most other diets, the ketogenic diet is designed to put your body into a state of ketosis in order to get your body to start burning ketones instead of the glucose that it usually burns when you eat a high carb standard American diet (SAD). But to know whether you’re in ketosis and whether your body has enough ketones circulating for you to use as energy instead of glucose, you have to measure your actual ketone levels and then determine whether they’re high enough for you to be reaping the benefits of the ketogenic diet. If you’ve tried searching for this information already, then you’ll know that there’s some controversy depending on which expert you follow. So in this article, we’ll tell you exactly what the different experts are suggesting are the optimal ketone levels as well as give you recommenda Continue reading >>

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  1. Michael L. Jirka

    Ketones are produced when the body has to use fats for energy. ketones and Beta Hydroxy Butyric acid are byproducts. You, as a type 1 diabetic take insulin more than once a day because your pancreas is weak from a virus or you have an autoimmune antibody destroying your natural insulin. Either way, you are not an UNDIAGNOSED diabetic who has never had an insulin shot, and even though your sugar was very high, you took insulin and the body will always utilize glucose before it uses fats and proteins for energy. AND THAT IS WHY I THINK IT IS POSSIBLE IN YOUR CASE.

  2. Aerie Robinson

    I am high frequently - getting much better though, go me - I would also dump ketones, when I felt like checking them, but would also often not dump them as often as i would think for being as high as I was. I'd be 400+ and have none or very low ketones.

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