What Fats Are Good For Ketosis?

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My Favorite Healthy Keto Fats

Want to look in my pantry? During the last few weeks we had a look at how too many calories and too much protein can look like. If you ever wondered what foods are good and bad for a Ketogenic or low carb diet this new series is for you! Today we will start to have a look at making substitutions that will change those health-damaging, fat-accumulating, sickness-causing foods into delicious Healing Foods that are right for a person who can not handle carbs. (PS you can refer to the Carb Intolerance Q&A page for that). Today we will start with having a look at the very base of the keto diet: Fat! IMPORTANT: Not all keto fats are created equal: The bad, the good and …the UGLY! Knowing what fats to use is of vital importance! Using the wrong kind of oil or fat can do more harm than good. Oxidized and damaged fats use can lead to arteriosclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, damage to the digestive system and more problems! Why are some fats bad for you: Chemically processed (bleached, deodorized, hydrogenated etc) contain loads of harmful substances. Using the wrong oil with high heat can make it rancid and very toxic. Some oils are full of Omega 6, which in excessive amounts disru Continue reading >>

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  1. aydeeeitchdee

    Hello all! I've been eating zero carb (basically meat + eggs + butter only) for the past few days and I'm having a bit of trouble not going past the protein limit suggested in the macro calculator.
    Staying below the 1.8g per kg mark isn't really hard when I'm in a 60% fat 40% protein macro ratio or even 70/30 macro ratio. In fact, I can hit a 60/40 ratio without much trouble at all just by eating fat meat cuts and if I drink coffee/tea with butter here and there I can manage 70/30 fine as well.
    My main problem is that on days I do too much exercise I have to buffer my caloric intake with fat, which would be fine if I didn't start having diarrhea and literally shitting fat. I drink green tea with butter, eat about a pound of pork spareribs and feel nauseous after a while for 6 to 8 hours, followed by a shitting spree.
    I never had trouble eating pork ribs before and since I'm shitting fat I'm thinking excessive fat is the problem here? Usually fatty meat has me salivating, but I feel sick just thinking about it right now :'(
    tl;dr: Will going past the 1.8g of protein per kg kick me out of ketosis even if I keep a 60%/40% or 70%/30% fat to protein ratio? Also, how can I stop shitting fat when eating too much fat? (without eating carbs, including fiber)
    Sorry for any grammar mistakes, English isn't my main language (also, no ketostix or anythign similar to buy where I live).

  2. BlazeBroker

    I would wager that eating more greens would improve your shits by quite a lot.

  3. causalcorrelation

    How many calories, and how much protein are you eating in grams rather than macros ratios derp ?

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