What Does Your Breath Smell Like When You Re In Ketosis?

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Ketosis Breath – What Is It And How To Cure It

People who eat according to keto diet sometimes get something called ketosis breath. The ketosis breath smell can be very special and could affect your social life. It could also be something that irritates you personally if you do not like the ketosis breath taste or smell. The reason people get a bad ketosis breath smell is usually caused by that when your body is burning fat certain chemicals are released in your breath. This process happens when you enter the state of ketosis and this is what causes the bad ketosis breath smell. It is however not only a bad thing that you have a bad ketosis breath smell. You can use this as an indication that you have actually come into ketosis which is considered as a positive thing when eating according to a keto diet. Carbohydrates aren’t readily available, so you start to use other fats and proteins as your source of energy, and as a result you are going to get a breath problem – Kenneth Burrell, Senior director of the council on scientific affairs of the American Dental Association. However it is easy for people that notice you have a bad ketosis breath to assume you have poor oral hygiene. You should know that no matter how much you b Continue reading >>

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  1. LisaJA

    I'm 5 weeks in and for the past 2 weeks I've had truly repellent, revolting bad breath . My friends and family have rated it about a 7 or 8/10 . My teenager has to open the car windows , it's that bad ! It's ruining my social life - I wouldn't go to a party last weekend for fear of breathing on people :-( I've read up on it as much as I can find and checked - no, it's not down not drinking enough water. No, it's not down to eating too much protein. No, it's not down to oral health care - I brush, I floss, I mouthwash and tongue scrape .( And my mouth is actually loads fresher since removing sugar from my diet .) I read a reply somewhere to a similar question and the person enquired whether the post writer was in weeks 3-6 ..... so this leads me to ask, has anyone else had the bad breath ( possibly just between weeks 3-6 ) and then it gone away ? I really do want to stick to keto, I've lost over a stone already and have another 5 to go .... but this bad breath is a deal breaker ... Please tell me it gets better ........... please ....

  2. charlie_simms

    Strangely, I never got keto breath.

  3. pueve

    Me neither! At least I don't think that I've got kept breath! How do you know that you have it? What does it taste like?

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