What Does Urine Smell Like In Ketosis?

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Ketosis Symptoms

Ketosis symptoms are a result of the way the body gets rid of the excess ketone bodies which build up in the blood stream when a person eats a low carb, ketogenic diet. In short, the body has three ways of dealing with excess ketone bodies: First, the muscles liver and brain can burn them for energy in the cells. Second, the body can breathe ketones out through the lungs. And third, the body can flush ketones out through the kidneys and urine. Legionella Testing Lab - High Quality Lab Results CDC ELITE & NYSDOH ELAP Certified - Fast Results North America Lab Locations legionellatesting.com The ketosis symptoms associated with the benign dietary ketosis caused by eating a low carb, ketogenic diet are not dangerous. They may differ for each individual, with the most common symptoms being: Ketosis breath, which has a fruity odor, and the person in deep ketosis may feel a sort of slight burning in the nose and a slight smell of ammonia. Dry mouth, which is alleviated by drinking more regular tap or bottled water. (Reverse osmosis water will make this worse.) In the first week of beginning a ketogenic diet, most people experience frequent urination followed by fatigue, as insulin levels Continue reading >>

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  1. behrcole

    I just started Sunday, and I definitely have the metal taste in my mouth, but is the urine smell always supposed to happen? And if so, what does it smell like? My urine smells like normal and it isn't developing the film it is supposed to.

  2. anbeav

    No, not everyone has signs. Some call it dinosaur pee but I've never met a dinosaur, just smells like strong urine

  3. behrcole

    Yeah but I have the metal/ammonia taste, so that's a good sign I guess

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