What Does Metabolic Acidosis Do To The Body?

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Too Much Acid In The Body In Dogs

Metabolic Acidosis in Dogs The lungs and kidneys help to maintain a delicate balance of acid and alkali in the blood, both normal components of a healthy blood supply. A condition of metabolic acidosis occurs when there is an increase in the levels of acid in the blood, which ultimately accumulates to abnormal levels in the body, causing various problems. This can occur due to loss of bicarbonate (alkali); acid production by increased metabolism; excess acid introduction into the body through an external source like ethylene glycol (resulting in ethylene toxicity); or by the kidney’s inability to excrete acid, which it normally does to maintain its level. Metabolic acidosis can occur in dogs of any age, size, gender, or breed. Symptoms and Types Symptoms can vary considerably, especially if your dog is concurrently suffering from other health problems like diabetes or kidney disease. The most common symptoms that you may notice in a dog that is suffering from metabolic acidosis include: Depression (especially if acidosis is severe) Confusion Causes Diagnosis You will need to give a thorough history of your dog's health, including a background history of symptoms, and possible inc Continue reading >>

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  1. bulkbiker

    I'm currently on day 5 of a 7 day fast and have managed to get into "proper" ketosis.
    I have been measuring my ketones during my last few fasts but never got above 1.6 mmol/l and that was on the last day.
    I couldn't figure out the reason for this so asked the "2ketodudes" Facebook group if they knew.
    When I explained that I was drinking a lot of tea with soya milk they flagged that the soya milk could be casing the problem.
    So for this fast I ditched the soya milk and have been using either lactofree full fat milk (less carbs than ordinary milk) or double cream thinned with a bit of water in my teas and coffees. I have also started taking a tablespoon or two of coconut oil mixed in with the coffee as well as the cream (kind of bullet proof coffee)
    Day 1 I measured "lo" ketones on my meter (last time I had the soya milk was that morning)
    Day 2 0.4
    Day 3 1.9
    Day 4 2.5
    Today 3.5
    Looks like the soya might have been the problem so it has now gone down the sink!
    So far have lost 7 pounds as well so have got myself out of the plateau on weight loss too.. phew I knew it would be worth it.

  2. donnellysdogs

    Can't do a "like" but looking good if you have found the cause for you and come out of that plateau...

  3. bulkbiker

    Oo yes they have done a runner again.. the emoticons I mean..

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