What Does It Mean When You Have Ketones In Urine?

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Aldehydes And Ketones Reactions

6 Reactions of aldehydes and ketones with water to produce hydrates Experimentt: Al dehyde and Ketone Reactions Aldehydes and ketones are an important class of compounds in organic chemistry. The importance of molecular structure in the reactivity of organic compounds is illustrated by the reactions that produce aldehydes and ketones. Carbonyl Condensation Reactions As a result of the large dipole of the carbonyl group: Nucleophilic carbonyl: aldehydes, ketones, esters, amides and Chapter 14 Aldehydes and Ketones • This makes low molecular weight aldehydes and ketones ALDEHYDE AND KETONE REACTIONS Oxidation and reduction of aldehydes and ketones • Aldehydes can be oxidized easily to carboxylic acids Reactions of aldehydes and ketones with alcohols This reaction is used as a simple test to distinguish aldehydes from ketones REACTIONS OF ALDEHYDES TASK Write balanced equations for the following reactions. In a similar reaction alcohols add reversibly to aldehydes and ketones to form hemiacetals (hemi, Greek, half). . 2 Nomenclature 20. Read more. The aldehyde serves as the dienophile . This two step reaction starts with the nucleophilic attack of the Phosphorus on the (usually pr Continue reading >>

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  1. _whistler

    Hey all. New ketogenic experimenter here with a question: why did my eyes fly open at 3:45 this morning?
    Background: Began ketogenic diet on August 15th by fasting 16 hours (partially overnight, natural fast), then performing high intensity lifting regimen (been lifting since before keto) followed by sub-2% carb day to deplete glycogen as quickly as possible. Keto flu seemed to be over within 24 hours by going this route. I believe I've been in ketosis since then, judging by the acetone smell during urination and lack of carb cravings, although I don't have my sticks yet. That's the next thing on my list.
    Day before yesterday, I began experiencing light muscle cramps, but didn't notice much because I figured it was soreness from heavy lifting. Yesterday the cramps were more severe, and I realized I needed to more closely monitor electrolytes. Took a dose of 385mg magnesium before bed, and woke up cramp free...except I woke up after roughly 4.5 hours of sleep. And I feel wide awake and full of energy.
    Typically I'll sleep around 7.5 hours to awake feeling refreshed, so I'm wondering what would cause me to drop two full sleep-cycles in a single night? Nothing about my nutrition the day before changed, except for the extra magnesium.
    I've done a cursory search of this sub and didn't find anything that would explain if either ketosis or increasing electrolytes during ketosis would cause me to need less sleep, but a Google search revealed this article. I'm skeptical.
    Any thoughts and/or science to throw my way?

  2. 90TheOtherGuy90

    I had issues 3 weeks into Keto with waking up at 4am a little stressed and anxious.....at first I confused this with just being full of energy, but after a few more occurrences it started to feel like it was stress.
    Basically the response I got was not enough salt/potassium which can cause stress/anxiety and muscle cramps (due to not enough electrolytes).
    Anyways I increased my salt intake and I'm sleeping and waking better now. I think possibly in my case I was only a little low on electrolytes and potassium causing slightly elevated stress/cortisol levels which meant waking up was easier, but then as the stress started to increase and compound I started waking up stressed instead.
    Here's a link someone recommended, good read: https://www.reddit.com/r/keto/comments/3etx8y/queestiiooonn_low_blood_pressure_symptoms_or_keto/cticsqq

  3. _whistler

    Great link, thanks. I thought I was doing okay on sodium, but I'll try adding more and see how I fare.

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