What Does It Mean To Be In Ketosis?

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What Does It Mean That I Burn Fat Over Carbs?

Your body is always burning a combination of carbs (as glucose, stored in glycogen stores in the body) and fat. At rest, you're mostly burning glucose, with a small percentage of fat. Fat is converted to acetyl sugars through the beta oxidation process and then enters the Krebs cycle like a normal sugar, though it requires oxygen (thus, aerobic metabolism). When you start exercising, you initially burn ATP and ATP-PC for 30 seconds or so, then the glycogen stores take over the load (anaerobic metabolism). As the glycogen stores are used, the aerobic metabolism sources (fats) slowly ramp up. After the glycogen stores are depleted (it's never fully unused, it just ramps down), the aerobic metabolism mostly takes over. When you "hit the wall" while doing exercise it's possibly due to the fact that aerobic metabolism requires oxygen to complete the kreb's cycle. When they mean when they say: "burning fat over carbs" it means that you're utilizing your aerobic metabolism store more than your anaerobic metabolism store. Additionally, when your glycogen stores are low, your body can convert fat to glucose in a process called Gluconeogenesis. If that's what they're referring to, they're mi Continue reading >>

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  1. Amy Chai

    Ketosis rash means that your body does not like being in ketosis and it means that you are restricting your carbohydrates too much. That is not healthy.

  2. Jay William Litwyn

    I don’t think ketosis is a state you want to be in continually. It comes naturally with fasting, which is a religious ritual that Muslims observe in a season that varies with the moon. Meanwhile, some Christian sects observe fasting during lent and advent. It is

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