What Are The Consequences Of Ketoacidosis

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Neurological Consequences Of Diabetic Ketoacidosis At Initial Presentation Of Type 1 Diabetes In A Prospective Cohort Study Of Children

OBJECTIVE To investigate the impact of new-onset diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) during childhood on brain morphology and function. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS Patients aged 6–18 years with and without DKA at diagnosis were studied at four time points: <48 h, 5 days, 28 days, and 6 months postdiagnosis. Patients underwent magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and spectroscopy with cognitive assessment at each time point. Relationships between clinical characteristics at presentation and MRI and neurologic outcomes were examined using multiple linear regression, repeated-measures, and ANCOVA analyses. RESULTS Thirty-six DKA and 59 non-DKA patients were recruited between 2004 and 2009. With DKA, cerebral white matter showed the greatest alterations with increased total white matter volume and higher mean diffusivity in the frontal, temporal, and parietal white matter. Total white matter volume decreased over the first 6 months. For gray matter in DKA patients, total volume was lower at baseline and increased over 6 months. Lower levels of N-acetylaspartate were noted at baseline in the frontal gray matter and basal ganglia. Mental state scores were lower at baseline and at 5 days. Of note, Continue reading >>

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  1. sunshinesp

    Hello All.
    One newbie question for everyone. How long are you generally on Induction before your body goes into Ketosis? I realize it depends a lot on how "good" you are counting your carbs.
    I bought the KetoStix yesterday (my third day) and it showed a trace/small amount of Ketosis (I kind of figured I was beginning to be in Ketosis because I had that taste in my mouth).
    However, later, I checked it and it read negative. This morning, I do not have that taste and I'm wondering if maybe it had something to do with Yellow onions I had last night with my venison?
    Are yellow onions too high in carbs? I can't remember where I put my list.
    I only had half of one. But, I fried it with the venison and it caramelized which maybe brings out sugars in it????
    Also, are the Atkins Advantage Bars NOT a good thing for Induction? I was very short of time yesterday at work and had one for breakfast and one for lunch. Perhaps this also contributed to too many carbs.
    Thanks for the support and the info!!!!

  2. egnue

    I generally take 2 to 3 days to hit ketosis. As for the Atkin's bars, most poeple don't like them because they cause a stall. Inductions generally needs to be frankenfood clean for best chance to clean your system and loose the most weight.
    Sorry ; )

  3. Dodger

    You can be in ketosis even if the strips do not turn. The more water you are drinking (which is good), the less the strips will turn. I was never able to get the strips to do anything, but the weight kept coming off. Caramelizing the onions does allow more carbs (sugars) to be released so go easy on them. Save that until you are off induction.
    The few times that I tried to use low-carb bars, my weight loss quit. I no longer even consider buying them.

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