What Are The Causes Of Metabolic Acidosis?

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What Is Metabolic Acidosis?: Signs, Symptoms, Causes And Treatment

What is metabolic acidosis (MA)? It is a condition where your body is making too much acid than it is getting rid of. As a result, there is too much acid in the body. Metabolic acidosis usually occurs when your lungs and kidneys are unable to maintain your body’s normal pH balance. Your blood acidity is measured using pH level. If your pH level is low, you have more acid in the blood. The blood pH level in people who are healthy is between 7.35 and 7.45. MA occurs when the blood pH level falls below 7.35. In case your pH level is more than 7.45, then it means you have too many bases in the blood, a condition known as alkalosis. If not diagnosed, MA could result in a condition known as acidemia, where the pH level in the blood is low because the body is producing more hydrogen ions. Acidemia could also arise when the kidney fails to form bicarbonate. It is advisable to consider MA as a sign of underlying medical condition. For MA to be successfully treated, identification of the underlying medical condition is important. There are instances when MA could become serious and lead to coma or even death. However, some patients have mild MA that is not life threatening. There are certa Continue reading >>

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  1. Silky

    I became diabetic (Insulin Dependent) when I was just 10 and I'm now 19 (just turned yesterday actually) and in the past year I have been in hospital 5 TIMES!! with ketones, also had to be put in ICU on one occasion aswell, BIG SCARE! Thought I was going to die
    My diabeties is fairly well controlled but the thing that is worrying me is the fact I keep getting ketones, even though I control my sugars well. It's confusing for me, my doctor said it my of been caused from when I was younger (Between about 15 and 17) and neglected my diabeties and ate sweets and all that.
    Anyways... the thing that scares me the most is;
    1. I keep getting ketones.
    2. The way I have been told to get rid of them is quite dangerous.
    The reason for it being dangerous is because my doctor told me that I should inject insulin, untill the ketones are gone (unless my ketone level is at 3, then I should come into hospital), but the has caused my sugars to drop rapidly and I get shakey, blurred vision etc (you all know the signs)... I tried drinking sips on luzozade sport (my favorite drink), and it seemed to work, and I can successfully get rid of the ketones and also avoid going hypo... but tends to leave my bloods, a bit out of whack untill my next injection, and I tend to wee and drink a lot.
    Has anyone even had this problem? or is currently going through it?
    If so then please chat to me, it's driving me nuts!!

  2. Shelley

    Hiya Silky,
    Sorry l dont know much about T1 apart from what l've read in passing on this board.
    However have you tried just drinking lots of water to flush away ketones (if thats (poss)? - lt was just a thought, l dont really have a clue.
    l know water is good at keeping the kidney's flushed.
    l'm sure someone else will answer you soon, l saw a few of your posts and just thought l'd try.
    Welcome to the Diabetes Daily Forum.

  3. Silky

    thanks for the welcome Shelly.
    Yeah I tried drinking water, doesn't do that much in my opinion... mass' of insulin seems to be the only way and that is why I'm sooo scared! because I know how serious ketones is, the doctors once told me that if I didn't come in hospital when I did, then another hour and I'd be in a coma or worse... but thankfully I'm still here and alive and well.

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