What Amino Acids Can Be Converted To Glucose?

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Evidence For A Catabolic Role Of Glucagon During An Amino Acid Load

90 Charlton et al. The Journal of Clinical Investigation Michael R. Charlton, Deborah B. Adey, and K. Sreekumaran Nair Endocrine Research Unit, Mayo Clinic and Foundation, Rochester, Minnesota 55905; and University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont 05405 Abstract Despite the strong association between protein catabolic conditions and hyperglucagonemia, and enhanced glucagon secretion by amino acids (AA), glucagon’s effects on protein metabolism remain less clear than on glucose metabolism. To clearly define glucagon’s catabolic effect on protein me- tabolism during AA load, we studied the effects of glucagon on circulating AA and protein dynamics in six healthy sub- jects. Five protocols were performed in each subject using somatostatin to inhibit the secretion of insulin, glucagon, and growth hormone (GH) and selectively replacing these hormones in different protocols. Total AA concentration was the highest when glucagon, insulin, and GH were low. Selective increase of glucagon levels prevented this incre- ment in AA. Addition of high levels of insulin and GH to high glucagon had no effect on total AA levels, although branched chain AA levels declined. Glucagon mostly Continue reading >>

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  1. nurseprnRN

    The hypokalemia comes when the patient gets treated with insulin, driving the glucose and K+ into the cells. The kidneys can't (and won't) move so much out through urine with the excess glucose to make for hypokalemia.

  2. Esme12

    There can be a brief period of hypoglycemia in the early stages of an elevated blood sugar (polyuria)....but by the time "ketoacidosis" sets in the Serum potassium is elevated but the cellular potassium is depleted (all that shifting that goes on)
    Diabetic ketoacidosis

  3. April2152

    So pretty much what we would observe clinically is hyperkalemia because the osmotic duiresis does not move serum potassium significantly?

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