Uncompensated Metabolic Acidosis

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Easy Way To Interpret Abg Values

ABG values can be very intimidating! Its hard to remember all the different normal values, what they mean, and which direction theyre supposed to be going. With so much information, its super easy to get mixed up and make a stupid mistake on an exam, even when you really DO know how to interpret ABGs. In this article, Im focusing more on the How to, rather than understanding whats going on with the A&P, which Ive already done in previous articles. If you want to understand whythese steps work (which you should do anyway to become a great nurse!),take some time to review my articles on Respiratory Imbalances and Metabolic Imbalances . Heres my 7-step method to interpreting ABGs. We have three puzzle pieces to put together: B)uncompensated, partially compensated, or compensated 1) Across the top of your page, write down the normal values for the three most important ABG lab results: pH (7.35-7.45), PaCO2 (35-45), and HCO3 (22-26). 2) Underneath pH, draw arrows to remind you which direction is acidic (down), and which direction is basic (down). 3) UnderneathPaCO2, and HCO3, draw arrows to remind you what abnormally high and low values would do to the bodys pH. When youre done, your p Continue reading >>

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  1. trekkin1

    Seriously, these animals are extreme carnivores, yet the big chow companies make grain-based pet food that is very high (over 50%) in carbs. So pet obesity (insulin resistance) is a problem, as well as kidney diseases and cataracts (related to high blood sugar).
    I asked my LCHF doctor in Seattle about it and he agreed. He said "I feed my dog only meat". Tim Noakes says that cats are even more sensitive to carbs than dogs are.

    So how are your pets doing if you are feeding them grain-based dry foods vs meat?

  2. Pilotbob

    A boardgame youtuber that I follow swears by feeding his dogs raw chicken. Says it's the healthiest thing you can feed them. Here's an article about it.


  3. Fiorella

    I heard that there is a feline WOE called "catkins", as a spin off of Atkins.

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