Uncompensated Metabolic Acidosis

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Partially Compensated Vs. Fully Compensated Abgs Practice

This is an NCLEX practice question on partially compensated vs fully compensated ABGs. This question provides a scenario about arterial blood gas results. As the nurse, you must determine if this is a respiratory or metabolic problem, alkalosis or acidosis along with if it is uncompensated, partially or fully compensated based on the results. This question is one of the many questions we will be practicing in our new series called “Weekly NCLEX Question”. So, every week be sure to tune into our YouTube Channel for the NCLEX Question of the Week. More NCLEX Weekly Practice Questions. To solve ABGs problems, I like to use the Tic Tac Toe method. If you are not familiar with this method, please watch my video on how to solve arterial blood gas problems with this method. The Tic Tac Toe method makes solving ABG problems so EASY. However, if the ABG values are partially or fully compensated you must take it a step further by analyzing the values further with this method, which is the purpose of this review. My goal is to show you how to use the Tic Tac Toe method for partially and fully compensated interpretation. So let’s begin: NCLEX Practice Questions on Partially vs. Fully Com Continue reading >>

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  1. krashmania

    I'm a few weeks in, and I'm starting to notice more and more a rather, um, distinct (worse) change in my b.o. I'm having to put on deodorant at least twice a day, even when I'm not working out, because of it, even after a shower in the morning. This sound familiar to anyone from when they first started?

  2. phishtrader

    If you're in ketosis, you're excreting acetone and acetoacetate, probably in noticeable amounts. According to Lyle McDonald's The Ketogenic Diet, this can result in "fruity smelling breath." I would submit that perhaps anyone that concludes this, is perhaps not that familiar with what fruit actually smells like. When I started, which is when I've read that the issue is the worst, my wife noticed the bad breath right off.
    Other than drink more water, I don't have much advice for you, if you excrete more of the unused ketone bodies through urine, perhaps you'll have less to exhale or sweat out, or it will be diluted. Drinking water may also help to flush out your mouth too.
    I was speaking with a customer today that often stands a little bit too close. Today she backed off right away and kept moving around. Based on the horrible taste in my mouth, I can only conclude that I have some really asstastic breath right now. I wanted to keep in eye contact while talking to her, but it's hard to also point your mouth in another direction, and talk all at the same time.
    My urine is also almost always darker than it would normally be given a similar level of water intake on a non-keto diet. It is also discernibly smelly, but again, doesn't remind me of fruit in any sense.

  3. krashmania

    Is this a long term thing, or just something that happens in the begining?

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