Typical Fatty Acids Cannot Be Converted To Glucose Because

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Glycemia, Starch, And Sugar In Context

Monosaccharide -- a simple sugar; examples, glucose, fructose, ribose, galactose (galactose is also called cerebrose, brain sugar). Disaccharide -- two monosaccharides bound together; examples, sucrose, lactose, maltose. Oligosaccharide -- a short chain of monosaccharides, including disaccharides and slightly longer chains. Polysaccharide -- example, starch, cellulose, glycogen. Glycation -- the attachment of a sugar to a protein. Lipolysis - the liberation of free fatty acids from triglycerides, the neutral form in which fats are stored, bound to glycerine. In the 1920s, diabetes was thought to be a disease of insulin deficiency. Eventually, measurements of insulin showed that diabetics often had normal amounts of insulin, or above-normal amounts. There are now two kinds of diabetes, with suggestions that the disease will soon be further subdivided. The degenerative diseases that are associated with hyperglycemia and commonly called diabetes, are only indirectly related to insulin, and as an approach to understanding or treating diabetes, the glycemic index of foods is useless. Physiologically, it has no constructive use, and very little meaning. Insulin is important in the regul Continue reading >>

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  1. EnterSandman

    I moved from a Warrior Diet to keto 1 week ago. I look leaner and this week i tried to stay light with training in order to give my body some time to burn fat instead of carbs.
    I thought about doing 1 carb day a week, but all i read about is "it will kick you out of ketosis and it will take days to adapt again". I do not really think i would be able to stay 100% low carb the whole week for months or years without ever eating carbs, i would probably avoid family and friends.
    What do you think about ckd or keto for strength?
    I train 3 Times a week each day dedicated to each of the 3 powerlifts with reps below 5 and a few assistance.
    Right now weekdays are around 2500kcal

  2. Harry Westgate

    Okie dokie seeing as I'm hanging around the diet section because I'm struggling with my weight right now despite using the WD - in part due to erratic shift work - may I ask you:
    -Your height and weight?
    -When you say you look leaner, have you also lost weight?
    -Is 2500kcal a deficit for you?
    -What does a day of eating look like?

  3. EnterSandman

    I am 180cm x 100kg. I bulked a lot with carbs and honestly id like to lose 20kg because in my region the 80kg weight class is more competitive.
    I dont know about my tdee i am pretty sedentary except for workouts but it could probably be 2900 so yeah it looks def a deficit if i look at the things i used to eat. I just dont see the reason to bulk when the 100kg category has lifters with higher totals.
    Right now a day looks like this:
    Salami 150g
    Coffee+ 40g of butter
    5 whole eggs
    2 tbsp oil
    Beef 300g
    1 tbsp oil

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