Trace Ketones In Urine Causes

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Ketones In Gestational Diabetes

As part of your gestational diabetes management, your doctor may ask you to test for ketones in your morning urine. If you have gestational diabetes, you should know about insulin, glucose, and ketones. When you eat, your body breaks down foods into usable sources of energy. Glucose is the sugar that results. Your body needs glucose for energy and your baby needs it to grow. In order to get glucose out of your blood and into your cells, insulin is required. Insulin is a hormone that you produce in your pancreas. "In gestational diabetes, hormones produced during pregnancy can interfere with insulin and make it hard to use glucose. If the pancreas cannot produce enough insulin to overcome the effects of the hormones, the blood sugar will rise," explains Louise McDonald, RN, clinical manager of maternity and pediatrics at Cleveland Clinic Home Care. "The body cannot use sugar without enough insulin. That causes the body to break down fats as a source of energy. Ketones are the waste products that are left over when the body burns some of its own fat for fuel. The ketones pass from the bloodstream into the urine," says McDonald. Why Are Ketones Important in Gestational Diabetes? The t Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Sheena

    Do I need to do anything trace of ketones

    Hi everyone I am type 1 since march o7 on novorapid and levimir. Just gone back to work on a phased return doing part time to start, feeling lousy headaches, my skin is a mess and very tired. Just tested and have a trace of ketones do I need to do anything?

  2. pauline fleming

    Just keep a close eye on them. Is your BG running high or have you been sick at all? As long as you are well otherwise you should be alright but to be on the safe side give your diabetic liason nurse a call and hand in a urine sample to your GP.
    Dont panic, as long as you dont have mega ketones you should be fine.
    Good luck and stay well

  3. Sheena

    Thanks Pauline, I have got the reading above a trace. I will keep an eye on it as you suggest, as soon as I return to work I start to feel lousy again. I thought I was doing so well since visiting this site have gained better control of my bloods only been above 12 twice in the last 4 days when I was averaging above 12 every day. Pains in my feet hands and legs seem to be getting worse. Never mind all in a day egh. I worry that I will never be able to cope with work without feeling so lousy.

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