The Common Pathway For The Oxidation Of Glucose And Fatty Acid Is

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The Citric Acid Cycle - Biochemistry - Ncbi Bookshelf

Mitochondrion. The double membrane of the mitochondrion is evident in this electron micrograph. The numerous invaginations of the inner mitochondrial membrane are called cristae. The oxidative decarboxylation of pyruvate and the sequence of reactions (more...) 17.0.1. An Overview of the Citric Acid Cycle: The citric acid cycle is the central metabolic hub of the cell. It is the gateway to the aerobic metabolism of any molecule that can be transformed into an acetyl group or dicarboxylic acid. The cycle is also an important source of precursors, not only for the storage forms of fuels, but also for the building blocks of many other molecules such as amino acids, nucleotide bases, cholesterol, and porphyrin (the organic component of heme). What is the function of the citric acid cycle in transforming fuel molecules into ATP ? Recall that fuel molecules are carbon compounds that are capable of being oxidizedof losing electrons (Chapter 14). The citric acid cycle includes a series of oxidation-reduction reactions that result in the oxidation of an acetyl group to two molecules of carbon dioxide. The overall pattern of the citric acid cycle is shown in Figure 17.2 . A four- carbon comp Continue reading >>

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  1. [deleted]

    So as i'm laying here typing this i'm experiencing insane hot flashes. I especially notice this after I eat any substanstial calories, My feet are sweating and normally i'm fairly cold, so this is weird to me.
    What concerns me though is that it comes in waves and rushes. like hot flashes, it doesn't feel healthy...
    Alot of people share this experience, i've been learning, but no one really seems to understand why.
    So I guess i'm wondering, is anyone else experiencing this? alot of people get colder, ahh. It just makes no sense. >.<

  2. mvadovic

    i just feel warm, i wear short sleeves till the temperature gets below 30.... and i noticed that during any physical activity i sweat much more then before keto

  3. fake_empires

    This is pure speculation, but could you just be feeling "normal" hot?
    I find I'm really sensitive to warmth now. Those highs and crashes of eating carbs made me REALLY cold all the time.
    Now that I'm on keto if the heater is on too high I have to step outside for a bit. Before keto I would eat a huge sugary meal and then want to put on a sweater after cuz I felt that cold, tired, shaky feeling after carb crash.

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