The Body Can Make Glucose From Fatty Acids. Quizlet

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Nutrition. Chap 7: Energy Metabolism.

Sort Proteins: makes nonessential AA that are in short supply. Removes excess AA & converts them to other AA, or deaminates them & converts them to glucose or fatty acids. Removes ammonia from blood & converts it to urea for excretion. Makes DNA/RNA. & many proteins. >> Other: Detoxifies alcohol, drugs, poison, & excretes them. Helps dismantle old RBC's & captures the iron for recycling. Stores most vitamins, & many minerals. Activates Vitamin D. AA: Before entering metabolic pathways, AA are deaminated (lose their nitrogen amino group). deamination produces ammonia (which provides nitrogen to make nonessential AA. Remaining ammonia is excreted by urea in liver/kid. AA pathway: can enter pathways as pyruvate/Acetyl CoA/others enter krebs as compounds other than Acetyl CoA. AA that make glucose either by pyruvate or krebs cycle are glucogenic. AA that are degraded to Acetyl CoA are Ketogenic. Thus, proteins unlike fats, are a good source of glucose when carbs aren't available. In the liver: because of capillary network the liver is first to get alcohol saturated blood. liver cells are the only other cells in the body that can make sufficient quantities of dehydrogenase, to oxidize a Continue reading >>

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  1. ithacatommyboy

    Ketosis after 1 day???

    Is this possible?? I started this program on Monday morning. That day i was tired and felt like ****.. the next day, i was energetic, clear headed and alert.. Today i noticed that my urin smelled funny.. NO im not sticking my head in the pot, but you know what i mean.. From what i read on here most people's bodies take 2-3 weeks to convert.. Is it possible it can happen in one day??
    BTW my carb intake is around 20-25g a day. ive been using the recipes on Linda's site - http://www.genaw.com/lowcarb/index.html . is there any way to find out if im imagining this or its for real??
    Thanks guys.

  2. njsquatmule

    Its possible. Have you been in keto before? I took 3 weeks off of it, and it took me only a few days to get back into it

  3. ChicagoChef

    It's possible. I get into ketosis in less than 24 hours. Becoming fat-adapted, however, can take a couple of weeks.

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