Tham Lactic Acidosis

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Lactic Acidosis

hyperlactaemia: a level from 2 to 5 mmol/L normal production is 20 mmols/kg/day, enters the circulation and undergoes hepatic and renal metabolism (Cori cycle) all tissues can produce lactate under anaerobic conditions lactic acid has a pK value of about 4 so it is fully dissociated into lactate and H+ at body pH (i.e. it is a strong ion) during heavy exercise, the skeletal muscles contribute most of the much increased circulating lactate during pregnancy, the placenta is an important producer of lactate (can pass to fetus as well) major source in sepsis and ARDS is the lung lactate is metabolised predominantly in the liver (60%) and kidney (30%) the heart can also use lactate for ATP production 50% is converted into glucose (gluconeogenesis) and 50% into CO2 and water (citric acid cycle) this results in no net acid accumulation but requires aerobic metabolism the small amount of lactate that is renally filtered (180mmol/day) is fully reabsorbed (ii) impaired hepatic metabolism of lactate (large capacity to clear) clinically there is often a combination of the above to produce a persistent lactic acidosis anaerobic muscular activity (sprinting, generalised convulsions) tissue hypo Continue reading >>

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    I printed your chart out and peed on it and it didn't turn purple :(

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    I laughed way harder at this than i should've. Out loud in a coffee shop. When i reread it back to my friends they just looked concerned.

  3. Rpizza

    Then u may or may not be in ketosis.
    Stop peeing on things. It's not gonna get u into ketosis

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