Symptoms Of Ketosis Flu

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If It's So Easy To Be "kicked Out" Of Ketosis, Doesn't That Suggest That Ketosis Isn't The Body's Preferred State?

Good question, I used to wonder the exact same thing! But then I realized that asking this question is akin to asking: If I live on land where there are deadly spikes all over the land, and it's so easy to fall on one of them and die, doesn't that suggest that living isn't the body’s preferred state? It's not that it's easy to be kicked out of ketosis, it's just that our modern diet and environment is so packed with carbs that it's hard to avoid it unless you strictly follow a keto diet. We used to not eat bread, we used to not have sugar on hand to sweeten everything, fruits were a seasonal and rare delicacy that we could only pick up from the ground, the concept of flour didn't even exist before agriculture. The stone age diet sans technology and agriculture could only include natural sugars (fruits) and carbs in veggies. Grains, before we learned to grow them at scale, weren't that prominent. Hence pre-agriculture humans were probably in ketosis way more often than us. Continue reading >>

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  1. CathyN

    Funny looks at the chemist's !!!

    I am type 2. Diet and exercise controlled. 5ft 1 and weigh under 9 stones. I test my BG about 3 times a day now, after a pretty full-on 3 month period of finding out how to eat by testing before and after every meal.
    I have to purchase my own testing strips because they are not on prescription from my surgery - and am getting just a bit miffed at the strange looks I get at the chemist counter when I ask to buy a pot of strips. :evil:
    In fact, at one well known chemist, the woman behind the counter told me she didn't think I was allowed to buy them. At others I have been viewed with what I can only describe as suspicion.
    It's not my imagination. I think they just regard non insulin type 2 s who want to test as a bit weird.
    I have not purchased on-line as I wanted to support my local shops .................. thinking of changing my mind - then I wouldn't have to put up with comments like "are you aware of how much they cost?"
    yes I am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd rather not have to buy them - I'd rather the NHS promoted self-help and encouraged pro-active control - I'd rather not have to THINK about testing my BG. ANYTHING ELSE YOU"D LIKE TO ADD????????
    Phew - that's better x

  2. librarising

    CathyN wrote
    In fact, at one well known chemist, the woman behind the counter told me she didn't think I was allowed to buy them. Were you wearing shoes or were you in boots at the time :lol:
    It's sad we become some sort of freak show
    Perhaps if you'd had a letter from your mum, saying it was okay :roll:

  3. dawnmc

    Sod the local shop, I bought 300 for £12 from ebay with 300 lancets too. Quite a saving.

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