Starvation Ketoacidosis

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Post-bariatric Surgery Starvation Ketoacidosis And Lipase Elevation In The Absence Of Dka Or Pancreatitis

Abstract We report a case of post bariatric surgery by laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy who presented with post-surgical poor oral tolerance and high anion gap metabolic ketoacidosis, who was initially misdiagnosed with diabetic ketoacidosis and treated with volume supplementation without improvement. The metabolic derangements were found to be caused by starvation ketoacidosis, which was then treated with glucose supplementation, and the anion gap quickly closed. Moreover, this patient also presented with non-pancreatitis lipase elevation. This case highlights the recognition and management of post-bariatric surgery starvation ketoacidosis; additionally, clinicians should be vigilant about the interpretation and management of elevated lipase without clinical pancreatitis. To access this article, please choose from the options below Continue reading >>

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  1. Punkin

    Hi, I've been pretty good at sticking to the plan for about two months but I want to start experimenting a bit more with my diet. I was wondering if people could just give me some examples of things that knock them out of ketosis. It doesn't matter what it is, I just need of rough idea of what kinds of things might do it.

  2. Knittering

    Too many carbs at once. That's pretty much it, since I don't eat bars, noodles, etc. with magic carb math.

  3. raindroproses

    Ugh, Atkins bars and shakes! Just one of them messed me up each time I had one and I was out of it for days. Other than that, yeah... too many carbs at once, or too many in a day in general. For me that amounts to usually not allowing more than 20 TOTAL per day. Normally my count is kept closer to 10. That means even if I have a little snack that has fruit in it, I'm running the risk of being kicked out of ketosis. Lousy, since I enjoy fruit. But I'm hoping once I'm in maintenance fruit will be able to be a "sometimes" moderate snack food

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