Short Term Prevention Of Ketoacidosis

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  1. BuffEctomorph

    So Keto burns more CALORIES than a regular diet? Explain..

    OK so I've been reading through and the whole theory of Keto diet is to get into ketosis status so you can use fat instead of carbs for energy. Alrighty sounds believable..works as far as I can tell as well. My 8th day and already had my carb up day. My carb up day did crap for energy and today with no carbs thus far and just bacon & eggs (next meal steak & eggs with green onions) and my energy levels are twice what they were yesterday. So obviously my body is now fat adapted, great.
    Buuuuut, explain to me how exactly this diet is gonna burn more of my stored fat (physical fat on body) than a traditional diets amount? That means it would have to burn more calories over the traditional diet, not fat grams...CALORIES. Let me explain:
    So my last diet was the traditional bulking bodybuilding diet, maybe a little fat heavy cuz I'd have alot of good fats: 90g fat / 300g protein / 300g carb 810 calories + 1200 calories + 1200 calories so around 3200 calories. So macros were around 20/40/40 roughly. Alrighty, now I've switched to steak & egg keto..now this is the important part - focus more on grams & calories than macros:
    160g fat / 350g protein / 35g carbs 1440 calories + 1400 calories + 140 calories = roughly 3k calories about a 200 calorie deficient (good, suppose to go lower on cutting) macros = roughly 48/47/5. Alright all sounding great till you compare fat calories from the former to this keto one:
    Fat calories former diet = 810
    Fat calories from current = 1440
    That's almost double the fat calories in this diet, former diet used carbs for fuel:
    Carb calories former diet = 1200. Fuel from current = 1440 minus fuel from former 1200. So you ketoers are telling me suddenly, for no reason - my body is gonna burn roughly 240 more CALORIES for energy before it gets to the fat storages? Why? And that's just Steak & Egg keto too..a leaner keto diet. I cannot imagine the discrepancy in a regular keto, probably be around 1,000 or so more fuel calories to burn compared to former diet. How does this work?

  2. MikeD4386

    First of all, read the stickies and learn what Keto is and how it works next time.
    Secondly, on your old diet, Whenever you ate fat it was stored as fat because you were being run off of carbs and already got enough energy from that. Because you only had subtrates to burn carbs, when you were calorie deficient, your liver converted protei into glucose. Now that glucose is gone, you are only running on fat, and you body has a ton of fat metabolizing subtrates, so when you run low on energy it will release fat (from your fat cells) into your blood stream and burn tem for energy using the enzymes you have been making.

  3. Eileen

    What he said. Keto, except in the beginning, does not burn more calories than any other. What is does is burn fat in preference to protein, so your calorie deficit turns into fat loss rather than the combination of fat and muscle that is normal on most cutting diets.
    There was a big piece in Muscular Development a few months ago, about why your body does not burn fat while there is a significant amount of insulin present. So if you eat a high carb diet, and then do some intense exercise, your body will burn carbs and protein to fuel it, and will not burn fat until all the carbs, and the resulting insulin, is gone. On keto, with a low insulin level, you burn fat from the beginning of the workout. As you have a lot of fat, you keep burning fat, and don't switch to burning muscle halfway through.
    According to the MD piece, the very worst thing you can do is have an energy drink before your cardio. That ensures that all you burn is the sugar in the energy drink.
    Another advantage of keto is that you feel less hungry, so it is easier to stick to your calorie limits. \gh

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