Really Cold In Ketosis

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Should You Stay In Ketosis While Sick?

This is a tough question for those low carbing out there. There is no doubt that ketosis is a fat burning state that forces your body to metabolize food differently. But what about staying in keotsis while sick? Should you call it quits for the week? The month? The answer is a bit more complex. How sick are you? “sick” can mean a variety of different things. If you are having a cold for instance, staying in ketosis should be okay. Symptoms of runny nose, sore throat, cough, mild congestion, mild fever, are all generally manageable with over the counter meds and hydration. Generally if you feel you are up to the task, staying in ketosis when you have the common cold is usually safe and reasonably easy to manage. Some tips and tricks… Sugar Free Cough Drops. Dont forget that cough drops are loaded with sugar, which can throw you out of ketosis. I like to get HALLS Sugar-Free Cough Drops {affiliate link} and only use them when absolutely necessary Other great foods when your sick is homemade chicken zuchini noodle soup, scrambled eggs, pot roast, egg drop soup or basically any low carb soup you can make. Noatmeal is another low carb hot cereal option. Some people prefer to make Continue reading >>

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  1. MKChitown

    Hi - I'm new to Keto (8 days in), new to the forum, and catching up on 2KD podcasts. So far so good, but I'm impatient and want keto-adaptation ASAP. I seem to be cold all the time. I know that it's cold outside, but even with warm clothes and a blanket, I am cold all the time, even indoors.
    Anyone else have this happen in the beginning?
    thanks all, happy to join the group.


  2. Izerian

    If you're 8 days in, that could be a symptom of carb withdrawal? (Keto flu) just a thought. I experienced similar feelings.

  3. AnnaLeeMI

    I was very very cold at first too. I started October 1st. It didn't help that I had recently also shaved most of my head. I would have to sleep with a hoodie and extra blankets.

    It got better, and I felt warmer if I ate some fat. Like if I noticed my hands were all of the sudden cold eating some pure fat helped.

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