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Quiz: Are You Prediabetic?

One in three people are prediabetic and don't even know it. Get a head start on your health by taking the prediabetes quiz below to learn about your potential health risks. Print out the quiz to take it easily at home. Learn more about your risk for prediabetes; if you think you are at risk, please consult with your physician for further information. Continue reading >>

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  1. hacker

    glucose meter accuracy

    I became pre-diabetic about 4 years ago, and knocked it out
    pretty quick by cutting back on the carbs. However while I was
    taking care of it I had this experience with glucose meters.
    I bought one on Amazon, can't remember which one but it
    was rated good by other users. It seemed to me to reading
    way too high, about 50 high. My lab blood work had shown
    my fasting glucose to be about 112. This meter was showing
    me about 160 in the morning. So I took it with me to a lab
    and got blood drawn there and with the same blood draw
    I took a reading with the meter. The lab results with blood
    taken at the same time was about 40 or 50 lower than my
    So I called the company and told them about it. After getting
    quite a run around they sent me a new meter. Again I checked
    the new one against the old meter. They agreed, they both
    showed me really high on glucose.
    At walmart they had some cheap meters so I bought a
    "Reli On" for a few bucks and some test strips. This
    one showed me about 40 or 50 lower than the other
    two meters. So it was giving readings more like
    my professional lab results. I put the other meters
    aside and used this one which seemed to be pretty
    After a while, I ran out of test strips and got some more.
    These had a different calibration. Maybe the first one
    was F2 and these were F3, can't remember what the
    number was, it was different. Now the meter when
    you use it, first thing it does is identify the strip, so
    it knows what calibration is being used. Now these
    strips read higher than the last ones, and they read
    higher than the lab did when I ran a head to head
    comparison, but the difference was not too great,
    maybe 10 different.
    Anyway, I got the glucose under control, lost the
    meters, and some years passed.
    Again, my yearly blood lab showed me running up
    over 111 fasting, so I bought another "Reli On"
    since the last one was pretty good. First thing
    I did was check it against the lab.
    While sitting in the waiting room at the lab,
    I tested twice, like 10 and 15 minutes before
    the lab test. My readings:
    Next the lab test done and the result:
    Upon leaving the lab less than 5 minutes after
    my lab test, I took a third reading with my meter.
    So this meter is showing about 18 above what
    the lab shows.
    Is this unusual? Anyone else getting consistantly
    different readings from their meters than the lab?
    Anyone got a good explanation?

  2. skb

    Meters are permitted by law to be +/- 20% on accuracy. So the relion meters are working pretty much within that range. A more accurate system for home use with current technology would be very expensive, so we have to make do with what we have. A couple of decades ago, diabetics had to use urine strips which changed colour only above 200 mg/dl and the colour change could not really say at what reading you were.
    Next time you want to check your meter's accuracy with the lab, don't use the blood sample drawn out by the lab technician. Prick one of your fingers as you would test at home. See if the numbers match up.

  3. Shanny

    Meter accuracy is a frequent topic around here . . .
    new meter reads high?
    Time for a new meter????
    Can I trust my meter?
    Meter Readings Are All Messed Up

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