Partially Compensated Metabolic Acidosis

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Metabolic Acidosis

Patient professional reference Professional Reference articles are written by UK doctors and are based on research evidence, UK and European Guidelines. They are designed for health professionals to use. You may find one of our health articles more useful. See also separate Lactic Acidosis and Arterial Blood Gases - Indications and Interpretations articles. Description Metabolic acidosis is defined as an arterial blood pH <7.35 with plasma bicarbonate <22 mmol/L. Respiratory compensation occurs normally immediately, unless there is respiratory pathology. Pure metabolic acidosis is a term used to describe when there is not another primary acid-base derangement - ie there is not a mixed acid-base disorder. Compensation may be partial (very early in time course, limited by other acid-base derangements, or the acidosis exceeds the maximum compensation possible) or full. The Winter formula can be helpful here - the formula allows calculation of the expected compensating pCO2: If the measured pCO2 is >expected pCO2 then additional respiratory acidosis may also be present. It is important to remember that metabolic acidosis is not a diagnosis; rather, it is a metabolic derangement that in Continue reading >>

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  1. activia

    There are studies done that found that if women are on a ketogenic diet during pregnancy the gene expression on the baby is changed as the baby thinks it is going into a starvation environment and changes their metabolism permanently to store fat. Ketogenic diets over long periods of time can also cause your t3/t4 ratio out of whack which screws up your thyroid.
    Final Note: Primal/Paleo does not have to be ketogenic

  2. Nady

    I suppose if Grok's mate was PG and only ate meat, it would account for the *thrifty gene* we keep hearing about?

  3. activia

    Originally posted by Nady
    I suppose if Grok's mate was PG and only ate meat, it would account for the *thrifty gene* we keep hearing about? Seems very plausible. I'm glad I found that out before hand because I'll certainly make a point to eat a lot more carbs then I do now when I'm pregnant (since now I only eat >100g a couple days a week, with some days <50)

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